Circle City Comedy Challenge

Circle City Comedy Challenge

So last night (Tuesday) I decided to shimmy myself up to 96th st. and have a few laughs at Morty’s Comedy club. I had never been there before, was feeling pretty random and decided to check it out. Not to mention I had to support one of Indymojo’s finest, Guest starring as a celebrity judge… You all know him, Yes Mofos Mr. Ryan Hupfer himself! *please keep the applause to a minimum* :)

Turns out Morty’s is a great place to go check out if you’re into having a few laughs? I mean.. Who doesn’t like to laugh right? So I highly suggest you check it out.

Last night Morty’s hosted a contest where up and coming comedians could compete to win not only some cash prizes, but paid guest spots at Morty’s for later dates. I believe it was the fabulous Mike Gardner (AKA MikeG) that put this event together, and even gave a little shout out to indymojo while hosting the event *give this man a hotlist* ;)

So the top three winners of the night definitely earned their spots. Coming in 3rd place was the very funny Tom Bryja! (who didn’t know it but actually ended up paying for the glass of wine I had that night due to the fact that I was sitting at the same table with him and the waitress assumed I was with him!) haha… So I owe Tom a drink

In 2nd place was the very awkwardly funny Ray Mills, who oddly enough reminds me of my friend Dan I went to college with!

And give it up for Jeff Kackelmeyer who brought it home with 1st place. This guy was hilarious. I mean, with the last name of Kackelmeyer.. How could you NOT be funny? He was so full of energy and kept everyone laughing during his entire set. Well done Jeff, well done.

Morty’s also had some really awesome headliners to wrap up the night of laughs. Forgive me b/c I can’t remember their names right now, but their sets were great. I believe they perform regularly at Morty’s so you can find more information on their website at

To end the night on a bit more mellow note there was some great poetry reading afterwards that was worth sticking around for. All in all this was a very satisfying evening. Keep an eye out for the names mentioned above. These are some really fellas and if you’re on the north side. You should really get a group together and go show Morty’s some lovin.

Lish <><