Changing the Image

First, I apologize for this being only my second entry in the last month. While there have been many spectacular developments, there also is a lot of time being consumed by them. We’re so busy we don’t know which way is up, but really… that’s not necessarily a bad thing!

Now on to the juicy center… is NOT a site for future alcoholics anonymous members. However… at times, it sort of seems that way. We do a lot of drinking activities and our logo even features a martini glass in it. While we have no problem with alcohol (and love it quite dearly), we want IndyMojo to be more than just about the booze. IndyMojo is a social networking site for people of all ages and all interests throughout Indianapolis. Did you know that, according to profile responses, 20% of our members don’t drink! We are doing them a disservice by focusing all of our time and effort into events promoting alcohol.

That being said, we will begin focusing on developing events that are non-alcoholic or at least not alcohol based. These events include the Putt Putt Tour, the first ever Saturday Fun Day (which is full of events that are kid friendly), and the Zumba Dance Classes where if you even thought about drinking, you’d probably die. We don’t have to have alcohol to have fun and we don’t want it to appear like that’s all we do.

Clampions Don’t Need No Booze

So if you LOVE this idea, please leave some feedback on the blog. If you have ideas for events, hotbox us! If you haven’t come out yet because you think we’re a bunch of drunks, look closer! is not about getting drunk. is about our members, the community, charity, and fun. Therefore, you will slowly see the phasing out of the old logo in favor of this…

Your Friends. Your Network. Your City.

Big thanks to Danny the Donk for providing us with the logo which we feel represents exactly what we’re about. We’re about taking this city by storm and creating connections. We’re about making friends, having fun, expanding our network, and making a difference. We can’t do it alone, however. We need you to help us. Keep spreading the word! Let people know who we are and what we’re about, and get them to join us at one of our many events across the city. The only way we’ll keep growing is if people keep talking about us. And the bigger we get, the more gnarly the events, the bigger the network, and the more fun you’ll have in this great city.

After all, Indianapolis is your city. We just help you make the most of it!