Champagne Showers in Wednesday’s Forecast


The image above perfectly captures the silly and outrageous essence of Cherub, the Tennessee-bred two-man band creating some of the sexiest glam poptronica on the market today.

Together, Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber have built a reputation for highly engaging live shows and – perhaps more importantly – for always keeping it real with their devoted fanbase.

One thing we want to make sure people know is, we want to kick it with everyone. I really think it’s weird when bands don’t want to kick it with the people that help them not have a real job.

– Jordan Kelly

Kelly commented further during the group’s recent golfcart tour of Bonnaroo, “Bands who choose not to kick it with fans at shows… these people are helping us live the time of our lives and if you don’t know how to show respect for them, then you fuckin’ suck.

“If we just made music and nobody listened to it, that’s cool and it would probably be therapeutic, but them listening to it and supporting it and all that – it’s a mutual thing. It’s like, thank you for listening to it.”

Huber added, “Without music lovers, music makers are just crazy people making really loud noise.”

The duo are no strangers to having a good time, either. The video above for their career-launching “Doses & Mimosas” depicts the pair laughing with girls at rooftop parties and taking shots with fans in nightclubs.

At live performances, it’s not uncommon to find them shirtless, crowd surfing, spraying their audience with champagne or any combination of the above.

Cherub Crowd Surfing

Recent work from their current album Year of the Caprese includes an ode to exotic dancers (“Strip to This”), a “break things” breakup song (“<3″) and, yes, even a sentimental ballad (“Tonight feat. Dominic Lalli”) or two.

If you’re new to the music of Cherub and might like to see them live, check out our essential listening, reading and viewing lists below.

But if you’re familiar with Cherub, you’re probably already ready to go ahead and buy tickets.

Essential listening

Essential Reading

Our interview with Cherub following their sweaty sushi house performance in Austin, TX at SXSW:

Cherub Throws A Party At Wuwu Fest

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Cherub – The Champagne Showers Tour

Cherub, Ghost Beach, Gibbz

Deluxe at Old National Centre, Indianapolis, IN

Wed, Sep 10, 2014 08:00 PM


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