CCDG's Party Crashers smashed up Cape Girardeau's Roller Girls

BOUT RECAP: Circle City Derby Girls Crash Cape Girardeau for Season’s Second Win!

By Guiyatine Gretyl

The Circle City Derby Girls unleashed their new B-team, the Party Crashers, against the Cape Girardeau Roller Girls on March 12, when the Party Crashers brought home a triumphant 188-90 win.

The ’80s-themed “Slay Anything” bout marked the bouting debut of several Circle City Derby Girls. Jammers Pistol Hips, Cassie Khaos, and Defiance dominated the bout, scoring the bulk of the points that gave the team its 98-point win. Cassie Khaos scored 37 points during the first half, including a 19-point jam that made her the highest scorer for the period. Pistol Hips earned a total of 50 points during the bout, and was named CCDG MVP for the night. During one 15-point jam, she rounded turn two, paused a moment to take a breath, then lapped the pack and scored more points. Defiance scored 36 points in the second half and claimed the title of highest-scoring jammer for the evening, with 59 points. Malice Munro added another 18 points, and did it with style—during one13-point jam, she blew kisses to the camera before entering the pack and scoring even more points.

But a jammer would be nowhere without her blockers, and those in the Party Crasher pack showed off a fierce use of strategy throughout the bout. Although CCDG was called on more penalties in the second period, it didn’t hold them back. In one jam, three CCDG blockers sat in the penalty box while Wrecker Becker played pivot and assisted Pistol in scoring 15 points while holding Cape Girardeau to 0. Circle City blockers executed stellar walls, whips and hits from Polly Dent, Dread Pirate Roberta, Tiny Ann Mighty, and Bona Contention while their jammers lit up the scoreboard.

Cape Girardeau also had some star skaters. Laryn Kill proved she was an up and coming triple threat: As a jammer, she found her way through holes; as blocker, she showed off great hitting skills; and as pivot, she kept her pack’s strategy in place. Skayton Manning, Cape Girardeau MVP for the evening, showed off her jammer skills by single-handedly earning almost half of her team’s total points.

With two victories already in our fishnets, join us for Royal Pain, our first home bout of the season, and a double-header to boot. On April 9, the Party Crashers will battle the Lansing Derby Vixens of Lansing, Mich. Later, the Socialites will take on the Southern Illinois Roller Girls of Marion, Ill., at the Forum at Fishers. And as always, be sure to join your favorite roller majesties from both teams at the after-party up the street at Claude & Annie’s.