It was in the basement venue, The Casba that I first saw FIGURE. It was dark, no cover, and the place was packed. The sound that came out of the speakers that night cannot be described and neither can the energy of the crowd. I realized then I was witnessing a mad scientist of beats at work.

Figure went on to play IndyMojo’s Identity After Party and was signed to AM Only (largest EDM talent agency) that same week. His career instantly exploded into a welcomed chaos of shows around the world and tons of releases. Since then, he has only played in Indy twice, at The Amber room which he headlined and at Wheelhouse Music Festival.

This coming Altered Thurzday, we can finally announce his return to playing his home state. At none other than the infamous Mousetrap and for only $8 at that. He is bringing his Terrorvision, which is a collaboration of the most terrifying visuals alongside his Monster tracks. This show is years in the making, let’s kick off the year with a bang, bang!

Josh Gard has had a long history in music. Just a few short years ago he donned the name Figure and began making electro house, but has since become a regular name in all realms of electronic and dance. Scoring positions among the charts may have gotten him recognition, but a hefty amount of praise has been raining down on him lately as some of the leading artists in electronic music have valued his live performance skills as some of the best in the business.

In 2011, his Monsters of Drumstep series married his love of horror with his immense production skills to become the soundtrack for the Halloween season. Figure created his own imprint, DOOM Music to house the Monsters series which has now become an annual release. In 2013 FIGURE’s monsters series became the official soundtrack to Universal Studio’s Hollywood Horror Nights theme park.

Figure recently signed with OWSLA to release “Horns of the Apocalypse”. Horns of the Apocalypse showcases FIGURE’S evolving sound and take on 4/4 dance music with his lead single Eagle. War Call & Beast Mode will remind fans of FIGURE’S signature sound. The EP features DEL The Funky Homosapien (Deltron 3030, Gorillaz, Hieroglyphics) Mr Lif (Definitive Jux) & Nick Thayer (Owsla).

“The direction and influence for the production came from being on tour all of last year and a good chunk of of 2013 so far. The entire EP was written on the road but mastered at my home studio in Indiana using my Neve Racks and Abelton. I’m really looking forward to seeing my fans on tour this fall and hope they all love this release as much as I do.” – FIGURE

October 2013 saw the return of FIGURE’s highly acclaimed Monster’s series, with the release of Monsters Volume 4. Monster’s vol. 4 quickly shot up the iTunes/Beatport worldwide charts with key tracks like Are You Afraid Of The Dark ft. Lexi Norton, Living Dead & The Center of Hell ft/ Helicopter Showdown. All in all the album takes listeners on a 13 song trip through the dark world of FIGURE’s monsters, and showcases another side of Josh Gard’s sound design that ties the LP together with dark interludes like Symphony of the Damned & Death’s Gospel.

When he’s not recording in his hometown studios in rural Indiana, Gard is touring worldwide, with packed tents at festivals like EDC, SnowGlobe, Starscape, The Bounce, Creamfields Australia, Tomorrow World, Global Dance, and Belgium’s Dour. He just ended his 14 city Terrorvision Tour in November and Indy will be the 15th city on January 8th!

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IndyMojo // G-9 Collective // NAP DNB


IndyMojo // G-9 Collective


IndyMojo // G-9 Collective

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You and a guest will get free entry to the show and a Riot Pack signed by FIGURE.


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Winners will be announced January 7th!

January 8th

Mousetrap Bar and Grille



The following is a guest post submitted by Bill Stephenson

You’d forgive a professional athlete for being a little apprehensive about the prospect of retirement. However, for Canadian mixed martial artist, and UFC great Georges St-Pierre, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

After many years, lighting up the UFC’s welterweight division, the three-time champion decided to relinquish his belt after defeating American Johnny Hendricks on points after five grueling rounds of combat. With a contentious decision swaying in the favor of St-Pierre, coupled with some reported personal issues, St-Pierre decided that the time was right to step away from the octagon for the foreseeable future.

However, the future Hall of Famer hasn’t sat back on his laurels during his time away from the sport. St-Pierre is known to stay busy during downtime. One of his more publicized pursuits has been his regular appearance in films as of late. Having already featured in two action films, the Canadian starred in this year’s Captain America: the Winter Soldier blockbuster.

But that’s not the only thing that’s been keeping GSP busy; he is also an avid poker fan, having turned his dream into reality when he finally played in one of poker’s most prestigious tournaments in 2012. Since then GSP has been photographed at many high-profile poker tournaments as well as a lot of charity poker events that has also drawn fellow MMA fighter Martin Kampmann.

GSP’s love for poker is said to have grown from watching the early poker superstars such as Johnny Chan and Doyle Brunson on primetime television around about when the online revolution began to gather steam after InterCasino was launched during the late 90s. Since then poker has been one of the most watched sports on television.

Many other successful sportsmen and women have also transitioned into poker upon retirement. Tennis ace Boris Becker, soccer player Teddy Sheringham and even golfer Tiger Woods has made their bows in professional poker events across the world.

And although even the most well connected MMA insider is still unsure of whether a GSP return is imminent, he sure won’t be stuck for things to do if he does decide against a return to MMA.

White River Zip Lines Logo

Do you like soaring 75 feet above the surface of the Earth? How about at 30 mph while hanging from a steel cable? If your answer is yes, then you, dear reader, need to high tail it up to White River Zip Lines. Nestled in a magnificent pine and maple forest in Anderson, this adventure land is only a 45 minute drive from Indy. Officially open as of Saturday May 10th, White River Zip Lines offers adrenaline pumping thrills in a family friendly environment.

Welcome to White River Zip Lines

Welcome to White River Zip Lines

White River Zip Lines is located in the same complex as Indy Scream Park and White River Paintball. Additionally, it hosts various Mudathalons and Dirty Girl runs. This place is no stranger to high intensity thrill seekers, and those who find themselves in this category would feel more than at ease in this environment.

Registration area

Registration area

There’s no need to worry about parking when headed to this place. Several ample sized grass lots surround the registration and gear building. Registration for the zip line and the paintball were located at the same counter, and the owner’s helpful wife gave advice to leave any sort of valuables in the lockers provided around the building. However, be certain to bring your own lock, as there are none provided to the public! Following the registration, payment (over $100 per person), and waiver signing, it was time to wait  to suit up and hit the lines.

Since this writer went on opening day, the waiting period took a little longer than expected, as the staff was still working out some of those big-day hiccups. After waiting with the group for about 45 minutes, the whole gang suited up into these hardcore zip lining suits. The staff was incredibly patient as they instructed everyone on how to wiggle into and strap on their bright yellow and orange harnesses. Once the gang was locked into their crotch strangling, butt pinching outfits, it was time to be loaded into the gators and carted off towards the zip line course.

Gear check, y'all.

Gear Check, Y’all.

As the cart approached the first tower, a wave of anxiety washed over the group. Some of the zippers, as they will be referred to from now on in this article, nervously joked with their family members, while others fidgeted in their seats. It must’ve felt a lot like how Jeff Goldblum and company felt when they departed on their tour of Jurassic Park. The group was sweaty, a tad nervous, and excited for what lie ahead. However, this tour would involve less dinosaurs, and a lot more fun.

The staff led the group on a ground-level practice run where you learned how to brake, save yourself from getting stuck on the line, and follow your “captain’s” signals. This was incredibly crucial and safety-related information, so if you ever decide to embark on the adventure that is White River Zip Lines, be certain to pay attention! After each person did a test run, it was time to climb up to the 75 foot high tower from which we would begin our zipping.

At the top, each person was hooked onto a line on the tower, while they waited for their turn to zoom to the next tower. Then the “captain” zipped across and signaled for the departures, while the “co-captain” waited behind and orchestrated the order in which the group left. The co-captain was the last guy to cross, and was also the last human face we saw before zooming through the air on nothing but a cable cord.

Tower #1

Tower #1

These two guides, did a fantastic job training us, and making us feel safe as we prepared for the first launch. Our captain and co-captain were totally affable, yet professional young men. As someone who was about to put their life into these two young guys’ hands, it was comforting to see how knowledgeable and secure they were in their position.

Zip lining is a lot like riding a roller coaster. If you’re scared of heights, and despise soaring through the air like a Peregrine Falcon stalking its prey, then this activity is not for you. However, if thrill is what you thirst for on this little blue dot we call our planet, then zip lining was crafted for you. Stepping off the tower and letting go of the solid surface below you is an incredibly unnerving act, but once you’re flying, you never want it to stop.

As the captain signaled for the brake, and the second platform rapidly approached, it became obvious  that zip lining was, indeed, awesome. From that point on, the zipping itself became almost addictive. With one tower down, and nine more to go, the gang hooked in and prepared to do it again.

Course Layout

Course Layout

Scattered throughout the course were dual-racing zip lines, which were fabulous. You and another one of the zippers you’re with hooked into parallel lines and raced towards the next tower at break neck speed. Additionally, the flora of the course was beautiful. The enormous pines, towering maples, and shiny green underbrush of the forest really enhanced the entire experience. It was hard to not feel like an aerial woodland creature, as we shot over trees and bushes.

Bridge 1: Mojo Writer:0

Bridge: 1, Mojo Writer: 0

At about tower four, there was a switch in the rhythm of the course. The group had been up in the air for about an hour at this point in the scorching sun. Everyone was thirsty. The guides sympathized, and stated that there would be water on the course at sometime, but just not today. This was bad, because the zippers couldn’t have brought their own water. Also, standing in the sun for over two hours on an 80 degree day without water can be really hazardous.  It was palpable that the lack of water on the two and a half hour course brought everyone’s spirits down a bit, but we trekked on and stayed positive. Although we were all a bit flustered, we made the most of the situation and cracked some jokes. It was pretty refreshing to observe how easily everyone interacted with our cellphones left in the lockers.

Additionally, at tower four, instead of zipping to the next tower, each participant was required to walk across a shaky, wobbly wire bridge. This was honestly a pretty unwelcome to change to the fun, free flowing adventure that the course had been up to this point. Imagine crossing a bridge with only horizontal planks strung up to vertical wire supports. It looked like something Indiana Jones would have had to maneuver across to snag the Holy Grail. It took a very long time for each separate group to cross this rickety bridge, because it seriously scared most people. This writer included. Finally, everyone crossed, and it was time to get back to zipping, but a lot of the group had grown tired from that random obstacle.

Brave Guy On a Bridge

Brave Guy On a Bridge

Getting back to the zip line was invigorating, as the group zipped over a low-lying creek, and prepared to cross another bridge. The next two bridges weren’t nearly as annoying as the first, because they were way more stable, and a whole less wobbly. At the last tower of the course, we were faced with another dual-racing zip line that would send us on home. We strapped on to the line and shot down like like rockets. We were tired, but pleased. Thirsty, yet satisfied. Most of all, we were happy to have had an afternoon at White River Zip Lines.

As the gators rounded us up and took us back to the main complex, everyone said their good-byes to each other, and the staff. Over those almost 3 hours together an odd bond had formed between us. Without phones, and in the presence of nature, we all faced our fear of something big, fast, and new, and we wound up really having a fabulous time. The gear was discarded, and participants dashed to the water fountain for a much needed gulp. Our captain and co-captain handed out vouchers for which to redeem free opening-day pictures of us on the lines. Unfortunately, this writer’s redemption code linked her to a random picture of some other dude, but hey! It’s the thought that counts. Anyway, here’s a picture of the writer with her fantastic guides.

Mojo Writer and the Knowledgeable Staff

Mojo Writer and the Knowledgeable Staff

For an afternoon of speed, sun, and adrenaline pumping fun, be sure to check out White River Zip Lines. The prices are a tad steep, but if you’re in the market for something adventurous in our own Indianapolis backyard, then there’s hardly a better option. The staff is cordial, and the course itself is terrific. So don’t just sit there on the computer, you bum, get on up to Anderson and catch some air!

White River Zip Lines

5211 S.New Columbus Rd. Anderson, IN 46013


Tom Crean, Indiana Hoosier men's basketball head coach

Image Courtesy

The Indiana Hoosier men’s basketball team opened the 2012 regular season at home tonight against Bryant University. Some notable first half headlines include Indiana Athletic Director Fred Glass announcing a 2-year contract extension for head coach Tom Crean, which means the coach will be under contract through 2020.

Freshman point guard Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell, a Park Tudor grad, has displayed some heady passing, good man-to-man defense, and has rarely played like a freshman.

Another interesting point, senior forward Christian Watford is wearing number ’32’ as a gesture towards fellow senior Derek Elston, who is out with a meniscus tear and not expected to return until the Big Ten portion of the schedule begins. Watford, who normally wears number ‘2’, decided to wear his fellow senior’s jersey because Elston will miss his final season opener.

Peter Jurkin

Image Courtesy Inside the Hall

Just when the Hoosier faithful thought Tom Crean and his staff would clean up the program and return Indiana University to its glory days, the NCAA ruled today that freshmen Peter Jurkin and Hanner Mosquera-Perea must sit out nine games for receiving improper benefits.

Hanner Mosquera-Perea

Image Courtesy Inside the Hall






It appears Jurkin received $6,000 and Mosquera-Perea $8,000 while in high school from an Indiana University booster in the form of plane tickets, meals, housing, a laptop, cell phone and clothing, per this article from Inside the Hall.

Jurkin has been ordered to pay back $250 to the charity of his choice while Mosquera-Berea must do the same in the amount of $1,590. The improper benefits came from the boys’ non-scholastic basketball coach who is also an Indiana University booster.

While it is uncertain how these suspensions will affect the apparent Indiana University title run, it is worth pointing out that neither player registered significant minutes during the preseason. Peter Jurkin hails from South Sudan by way of the United Faith Christian Academy in North Carolina (coached by Muggsy Bogues) and is a 7’0″ center, presumably adding depth to the Hoosier frontcourt. Hanner Mosquera-Perea is an athletic 6’8″ forward hailing from Columbia by way of La Lumiere School in LaPorte, Indiana.

With the start of the Hoosier basketball season just 3 days away, it’s interesting the NCAA would wait until now to file the suspensions. Look for these two freshman to see the floor on December 19th against Mount St. Mary’s, well before the Big Ten schedule begins.

Looking at Indiana’s early season schedule, this may affect both the North Carolina game and who knows, maybe even the tilt at Assembly Hall against Butler.

Stay calm, Hoosier fans. Hopefully this slight inconvenience to the depth of this year’s Hoosier squad won’t affect the long-term capabilities of the team.

The Indiana regular season begins tonight in Toronto as the Pacers take on the Raptors without veteran small forward Danny Granger.

Look for offseason acquisition Gerald Green to try to pick up the slack left by Granger’s absence.

Gerald Green

Image courtesy of

Your starting five should be George Hill at point guard, who played well enough towards the end of last season that the Pacers saw to extend his contract and trade Darren Collison for some much-needed depth, particularly with the addition of Center Ian Mahinmi.

Other starters should include Paul George and Gerald Green on the wings in addition to David West and Roy Hibbert down low.
What should Pacer fans be watching for? How can the Pacers be expected to make up for the nearly 19 points a game Danny Granger scored? Should we look for George Hill to take some additional shots? We should certainly see a heavy dose of David West and Roy Hibbert. Expect contributions from D.J. Augustin off the bench, who is certainly a starting caliber point guard.

I’m particularly interested in the development of Paul George and Roy Hibbert. Paul George struggled to score down the stretch last year and Roy Hibbert had foul trouble quite often.

Much like the Dallas Mavericks, it’s going to be difficult to judge a team missing a key component, but the Toronto Raptors are in no way to be mistaken for the Los Angeles Lakers.




Former Indiana Hoosier basketball coach Bob Knight

Image Courtesy of

Bring out that cream and crimson you’ve been hiding since the days of Bobby Knight, Hoosier fans.

According to both the Associated Press and the USA Today Coach’s Poll, the Indiana Hoosiers sit atop the preseason rankings. It may be a little early to say so, but given the strength of the returning roster and the addition of a strong recruiting class, Tom Crean’s squad appears set to win both a Big Ten Championship and make a serious run at a National Championship. Congratulations (along with great expectations) are in order for Indiana center Cody Zeller, who nearly unanimously took Preseason All-American honors.

Indiana Hoosier Coach Tom Crean and All-American center Cody Zeller

Image courtesy



It needs to be pointed out how intensely midwest the preseason rankings are. Take the top five, for example. Behind Indiana is Louisville, Kentucky, Ohio State and Michigan; all are no more than about six hours from each other. Also in the top 25 are Michigan State, Missouri, Memphis, Notre Dame and Cincinnati.

The Big Ten Conference appears like it is going to be hotly contested. Five teams are ranked in the Top 25 and well-coached clubs like Purdue and Minnesota ensure that once the Big Ten schedule begins, every game has the potential for an upset.

I plan to cover Indiana-based teams this year including your Butler Bulldogs, Indiana Hoosiers, Notre Dame Irish,  and Purdue Boilermakers. Obviously, as the season progresses and the NCAA Tournament nears, we’ll talk about teams like IUPUI and Valparaiso should they get called on Selection Sunday.

Moving to the schedule.

Indiana opens play at home against Bryant University on Friday, November 9th at 8:00pm ET.

Purdue’s first game is at home against Bucknell on Friday, November 9th at 7:00pm ET.

Notre Dame begins its season at home against Evansville on Saturday, November 10th and a start time has yet to be announced.

Butler takes on Elon at home on Saturday, November 10th and starts at 2:00pm.

Are you ready for some hoops?





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With roughly two weeks until opening night, the Indiana Pacers trimmed their roster to 15 players today in addition to exercising an option on swing-man Paul George, keeping him around through the 2013-14 season.

Paul George

Image Courtesy

In an off-season that featured some marquee transactions for a couple big-name franchises, notably the Los Angeles Lakers’ trades to acquire stars Steve Nash and Dwight Howard in addition to the Miami Heat signings of Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis, the Pacers stayed relatively quiet, essentially trading and signing depth with the addition of center Ian Mahinmi, guard Gerald Green and point guard D.J. Augustin.


Pacer fans need not worry, however. Miami may have signed some veteran shooters, but they still lack a true center; and with improved depth, the Pacers should be able to give Miami a little more trouble a second time around. Indiana signed center Roy Hibbert to a long-term deal and secured former Duke big-man Miles Plumlee in the draft.

Roy Hibbert

Image Courtesy

Many figure the starting five will remain relatively unchanged, as the team figures to start either D.J. Augustin or George Hill at point guard, Paul George and Danny Granger on the wings, David West at power forward and Roy Hibbert at center.

Fans will note the loss of Darren Collison via trade to Dallas and Leandro Barbosa to the crowded backcourt in Boston. Both will certainly be missed as the spark off the bench, but rest assured this team is equipped for another postseason run.

The Pacers are absolutely playing for a top seed (likely the 2nd seed in the East) with another showdown against the Miami Heat in the Easter Conference Finals looming on the horizon. Assuming the team remains relatively healthy and plays to its strengths (David West and Roy Hibbert are amongst the more formidable frontcourt duos in the league) and considerable depth, look for the blue and gold to be even better this year than last.

Be aware the D.J. Augustin is a starting point guard in this league and certainly has the potential to contribute a great deal. The downside to Augustin is his size, coming in at around 6’0″ and just over 180 pounds, which means he’ll be giving up some size to most starting point guards in the league, presenting a potential defensive mismatch should D.J. not be up to the task.

Aside from the Heat, promising challenge in the East are the aging Celtics (sans Ray Allen), the Philadelphia 76ers, and once Derrick Rose comes back, certainly the Chicago Bulls. The West figures to pit the Oklahoma City Thunder against the new-look Los Angeles Lakers, who apparently are taking baseball’s Yankee approach to winning; buy the best players available.

The Pacers start the regular season away from home on Friday, November 2nd at Charlotte and the home schedule starts Saturday, November 3rd against the Sacramento Kings.

Your 2012 Indiana Pacers’ slogan is “Blue Collar – Gold Swagger”. The team is also featuring a second Hansbrough, as Tyler’s brother Ben is on the active roster. If the latter is anything like the former, the reserves certainly don’t lack the blue collar attribute. It’s up to the starters on this team to bring the swagger.


Congratulations are in order, friends. The Indiana Fever closed out the 2012 WNBA Championship, defeating the Minnesota Lynx 87-78 on Sunday night to win the 5-game series 3-1. Tamika Catchings adds WNBA Champion and Finals MVP to a laundry list of accomplishments, among those including 3-time Olympic gold medalist and NCAA Champion. The former Tennessee Volunteer has struggled through injuries, particularly during the postseason portions of her career, so it was especially sweet for the 33-year old to finally reach the pinnacle of professional sports and joins a short list of athletes to win championships as a collegiate, an Olympian, and a professional athlete. Little known fact, Tamika Catchings is the first basketball player to record a quintuple double. A celebration is planned for Tuesday, October 22nd, at noon downtown Indianapolis. Cheers, ladies!

It’s usually hard for me to churn out another few pages of content unless something really gets me interested, or conversely, if I hear something really pisses me off. Since I’ve made a promise to myself to keep these posts free of politics, I’m restricted to writing about idiocy on and off the field. Thanks to the invention of Twitter and Facebook, I usually don’t have to dig that deep for stories/issues like this.

As many college football and Indiana High School Football fans know, the best high school quarterback in the nation currently resides in Columbus, Indiana. As we inch closer to National Signing Day (Feb 1st), the speculation is heating up as to where Gunner Kiel will play football for the next four years.

On Monday, several media outlets reported that Kiel had backed off from his verbal commitment to LSU to possibly play for Brian Kelly at Notre Dame. (And no, I don’t count Bleacher Report as a legit news service)

This all comes after Kiel initially committed to Kevin Wilson at IU before the start of this season. This would be the third time in the past few months Kiel changed his mind.

Now you may ask, “What’s your problem with all this?”

Absolutely nothing. And I figured that most people would’ve felt the same way. After all, this kid is just trying to get himself in the best possible situation