Can alcohol interfere with Muscle Gains?

According to an article in On Fitness Magazine’s volume 10 number 6 2010 issue, alcohol raises estrogen and lowers testosterone levels in the body. Yes, men do naturally have estrogen in their body, but not nearly the same amount as do women. Drink alcohol and you’ll risk an estrogen increase that can interfere with muscle growth.

Alcohol inhibits protein synthesis. Protein synthesis is necessary for muscle development.

Too much alcohol depletes the body of vitamins and minerals. Adequate supplies of minerals and vitamins are needed to nurture muscle development and maintain those developed muscles. Also, alcohol promotes dehydration.

Alcohol interferes with fat loss efforts. Alcohol has seven calories per gram, and will fight your efforts to get six-pack abs. Some people’s idea of “moderation” is a six-pack of beer every day. Instead, drink occasionally, and only a little bit at a time.

So do you want a six pack of abs or a six pack of beer?

Zach Dirr Elite Performance