Camp Tip-for-Tatt at Electric Forest

THE MISSION: Compete to be declared Ultimate Camp at Electric Forest 2012!

THE PRIZE: win 4 tickets for next year, and an invitation to a secret set for your entire camp!

HOW: Electric Forest is looking to draw attention to all of the sweat, van loads of tapestries, and bean bag chairs that go into creating community camp space every year. Is your camp awesome? Are you the most badass neighbor to have? Do you want the whole of the Forest to know?

Camp Tip-for-Tatt

The Face and Voice of Forest Dwellers.

Find us at Electric Forest this weekend! A play on the phrase “tit for tat”, meaning “an equivalent given in return”, Camp Tip-for-Tatt has a dual purpose: a.) to collect the best and most unique camping tips from fellow forest dwellers and b.) to decorate your face or body with a painted tattoo in return for sharing your festival expertise. Relax on blow up furniture, make new friends from Indianapolis, get decked out for the night shows, and contribute your knowledge to an article that will be featured on highlighting you and your awesome camping tips!

Electric Forest’s royal camp tribunal, King Brandon, Queen Orly, Duke Tim, and Duchess Minh, will venture forth on Friday afternoon between 4 and 6 pm to explore the campground and discover all of the festive campsites.

I suggest scheduling happy hour at the homebase with your friends during this window of time on Friday, as the campgrounds are sure to be bustling.

See you there, Forest Dwellers!

Follow tips as they’re unearthed during Electric Forest weekend with the hash tag #tipfortatt on twitter.

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