By far my best job interview ever

Ok, so here latey I’ve been on…well…a FEW job interviews. This past one I had recently, I would have to say, has by far been my BEST ever. It could not have gone any better than if it was scripted.

I was fairly nervous as this is a job I’ve held before and feel as though I’m more than qualified at it. So I meet the immidiate supervisor, we’ll call her “Cathy”. She was nice, seemed a little quiet but I managed to maintain a conversation with her until the interview began. She then proceeded to go get the manager, we’ll call her “Kim”. So I was going to be interviewed in a trade off style type of questioning. So everything started off well, I answered their questions to the best of my ability and they liked what they heard. After a few questions Kim’s, the manager, pen runs out of ink. At this point she became embarrassed and it seemed like her cohort Cathy was going to go get her one. As she was about to leave her seat I say, “oh I have a pen if you’d like to use it”, which I produce from my inside suit pocket. Apparently this cracks the two of them up. Kim apparently is the type to be over-prepared for EVERYTHING and this is the first time she has ever had a canidate for a job be more prepared than herself. They then said that this will be a story they’ll share for a long time. I proceed to answer their questions, apparently better than they’ve had most people answer (not a direct quote from Cathy). We finish up the Q