Burn After Reading

“An ousted CIA official’s memoir accidentally falls into the hands of two unwise gym employees intent on exploiting their find.”

Wow…definitely an interesting movie…most of the movie left me speechless. I was worried when I left the theatre because I didn’t know what to think, I had no idea what kind of review I was going to write for this movie. Technically, the movie was about nothing…which made it hilarious! Well, I take it back, the movie was about cosmetic surgery lol. The Coen brother’s (No Country for Old Men, which I wasn’t that fond of) did a pretty good job with this film…putting Actors in roles that they really aren’t that familiar with (i.e. Brad Pitt) and did a fairly good job doing so.

Basically, we have an ex-CIA analyst who quits his job and decides to write his memoirs. Well, these so called memoirs fall into the hands of two idiotic gym workers and they decide they want to collect a “Good Samaritan” tax for returning his work to him…although they think his memoirs are CIA classified secrets. All of the characters in the movie are tied together in one way or another…the movie is just one big misunderstanding…to sum it up by one of the CIA agents…”so we have no idea what’s going on?”.

The acting was decent in the movie, some of the dialogue was cheesy, but was intended to be that way. Brad Pitt does an excellent job at being a moronic, dim-whitted, personal trainer…which I guess is out of his norm. In some cases, I think George Clooney “over-acted” in this film but…once again…this was intentional. I don’t see any awards being handed out for this film but was done fairly well.

The visual effects were done VERY well…a few scenes in which I had to look over to the person next to me and say “did that just actually happen?”. Some scenes are pretty graphic in nature, so if you’re easily grossed out and offended, be aware.

Overall this movie is pretty freakin’ funny. Not usually my type of movie but it can be similarly compared to pulp fiction/resevoir dogs meets dumb and dumber. For as stupid as most of the characters were in the movie I’m suprised at how complex the plot line was haha. Overall, I’m giving this film 3 martini glasses…pretty well done but some of the movie had some points in where I just lost a tiny bit of interest. Well, that’s my time mofo’s…until next time…

See you at the movies!!!