Broke(n) Tuesdays return to The Melody Inn

Between the sunset of the 90-00s rave scene and the re-emergence of EDM in 2009 via Dubstep (some would argue), Indianapolis dance music advocates became limited to a few one-off club events and sporadic renegade raves.  Then in 2005, Indianapolis began to draw attention from major artists on Tuesday nights.  Starting July 5th, 2005, iQ Entertainment inherited Tuesday nights at the Melody Inn, what had been the longest running EDM weekly in the city until this past fall.  The night was already an established fixture of drum-n-bass in Indianapolis by summer 2005, but Geek and Sea Monkey took the night to the next level with a continuous stream of the freshest Drum & Bass the genre had to offer.

Broke(n) Tuesdays quickly went head to head for talent with top drum-n-bass nights like Respect in LA and Konkrete Jungle in NYC.  Attendees were frequently blessed with the sounds American jungle favorites like Dieselboy, Hive, Danny the Wildchild, and Phantom45, international legends such as Photek, London Elektricity, Ed Rush, Bad Company UK, Marcus Intalex, Dom & Roland, Tech Itch, Dylan, Breakage, and Logistics, and upcoming US acts Infiltrata (12th Planet), Evol Intent (Treasurefingers, CPU Club, & Bro Safari), Ewun (Kill The Noise), The Brigade (Designer Drugs & PSL DNT STP), and Atlantic Connection.  It wasn’t uncommon to meet party goers that traveled more than 4 hours to rage in the smokey 100-person capacity dive bar.

Now more than 5 years since the Broke(n) Tuesdays ended its initial run, Geek and Sea Monkey are returning to the Melody Inn for the month of April.  Bringing with them the classic format of talent driven and diverse lineups, Tuesdays for the month of April will feature the likes of liquid funk all-star Random Movement, regional DnB OG Mowgli, and a gambit of badass local acts indcluding Adam Jay, Mutiny, jFET, Jackola, and Ed Trauma.  If you haven’t given Tuesdays at the Mel much thought in the past year or so, April is a good time to become reacquainted with a staple of Indianapolis’s dance music community.

Here is the lineup for April.

Check out the event pages at Money, Hoes & Clothes.