Broad Ripple Zombie Walk 2009 is here!

Broad Ripple Zombie Walk 2009

Broad Ripple Zombie Walk 2009

Now in its 4th year, The Broad Ripple Zombie Walk has literally become Broad Ripple’s “sickest” night!

For those fortunate enough to have survived last year’s zombie attack, beware! Local news reports seem to indicate that another infection is coming on Saturday, October 24th.

There is some good news amidst all this terror and horror, however. It seems that the zombies, having a new found lust for brains and the flesh of peers, have no use for canned and boxed food anymore. What little human is left in them has compelled them to not throw their earthly possessions away, but rather donate it! Last year, over 300 noble zombies donated close to 200lbs pounds of canned food goods for Gleaners Food Bank!

This year we expect to double both numbers and create “a second Halloween Night” for Broad Ripple!

Zombies feeding the hungry? Awesome!

Here is how it works.

5PM: Zombies will start to gather in the South end of The Broad Ripple Kroger parking lot at 6220 Guilford Avenue. IndyMojo will provide a “Donation Station” to collect canned food for Gleaners Food Bank. IndyMojo will also provide a “Zombie Station” where Zombies will be registered, given an event schedule and a free “Broad Ripple Zombie Walk” Tshirt (with sponsor’s logos, while supplies last). Only those Zombies who donate at least 5 pounds of canned food will earn a Tshirt. All Zombies will receive discounts and free covers at “Zombie Friendly Locations” who have stepped up to sponsor this great charity event!

7PM: The “Zombie Crawl” begins! This huge mob of Zombies will stumble and mumble through the streets of Broad Ripple in a terrible display of Zombie community outreach! Many pictures will be taken as well as a “Zombie Documentary” will be filmed and produced by Be on the lookout for a few “Zombie Performers”
Once 8pm arrives, the Zombie Mob will begin to visit “Zombie Friendly” locations (aka sponsors). Most early locations will be “Family Friendly” since there are many Zombie kiddies who love to participate in the early hours of the walk. During this time we will be filming several special scenes. Zombie Attacks, Zombie Feasts and pretty much anything we can come up with. Great “Little Zombie Locations” like Hotbox Pizza and Fat Dan’s Deli will be full of those tiny brain eaters.

9PM: The “Zombie Bar Crawl”. Those Zombies who are over 21 will be welcome to party the night away at all of our late night “Zombie Friendly” locations Landsharks, Tru Nightclub, Old Pro’s Table and Alley Cat!

Special Note…humans who show up late or happen upon the Zombie Mob and want to join the fun will be able to get their faces Zombified by The Jager Zombies at our special “Scene of Infection” placed inside Landsharks.

The “Zombie Media Blitz” is being handled by two of Indy’s most powerful media outlets. RadioNOW 100.9 and

For more details and last year’s video, please visit!

Thanks to all our sponsors, RadioNOW 100.9, Landsharks, Halloween Express, Tru Nightclub, Old Pro’s Table, Jagermeister, Alley Cat, Hotbox Pizza, Fat Dan’s Deli, East Indy Printing, and of course Gleaner’s Food Bank!

Check out these shirts! Remember, you must donate at least 5 pounds of canned food to earn a shirt! This IS A CHARITY EVENT! While supplies last!

Everyone WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please please please share this event with all your friends, family, on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter…everywhere! Share it until people are tired of seeing it! Lets make this event HUGE for Gleaners!

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Broad Ripple Zombie Walk 2009