I’ve been meeting with Jeb and PJ (Musical Family Tree) about the upcoming Broad Ripple Fall Music Fest. They started it up when they heard that the Midwest Music Summit wasn’t happening this year. They are stepping up to the plate and volunteering their efforts to make sure that Indy has at least one day of jam-packed local music mayhem.

The BRFMF is going down October 13th. Where, you ask? Well, virtually any place that has a stage in the greater BR area (like Spin, Locals Only, Birdy’s, the Melody Inn) and some places that don’t (Alley Cat, Hot Box Pizza, Indy CD & Vinyl).

The bands are pretty much set (sorry, we aren’t accepting submissions), and the lineup is pretty killer. We hope to announce a lineup in a few weeks.

Jeb and PJ have been doing an outstanding job and, like I said, they are receiving zero cash money for their efforts. So give them a pat on the back when you see them and don’t forget to check out

So tonight is the big night: Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band is back in town. I can’t even remember the last time they played on Indianapolis soil. It is a rare treat indeed.

I heard that they were back in town, chillin’ at their folk’s house in Westfield. When I took my daily bike ride up the Monon, I realized that I was pretty close to the house, so I decided to go the extra mile (actually, the extra eight miles) and ride to the house. Man, Carey Road is hillier than I remember.

I finally got there, and the Rev and I decided to walk and get some ice cream. We walk to downtown Westfield, and the ice cream shop is closed. In fact, every single store is closed. It is a ghost town. Kinda sad; Westfield ain’t what it used to be. We grab some Jarritos from a Mexican restaurant and head back.

We stopped by a little creek at the mouth of his parent’s subdivision. The Rev talks about the seasonal eating habits of the minnows as we wait for the muskrat that lives in the muddy banks to appear. It never does. His dad used to trap muskrats, so the Reverend knows alot more about them then I ever would have guessed.

The Big Damn Band is planning a huge event for the show. It is rare to have local shows at the Vogue, and they want to make the best of it. Many songs planned have never been heard by Indiana ears, including material from their new gospel album, a song called “Mama’s Fried Potatoes”, and a never-before-heard-anywhere song written specifically for the big day. Oh, and the Rev bought a brand new outfit, too.

So be there. I promise that it will be the best Indianapolis show of the year. We NEED to pack the place.

(Special thanks to Jayme Peyton for giving me a ride back to Broad Ripple when I got a flat tire)

Upcoming shows:

-Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band w/Murder By Death Thursday @ the Vogue $12.
-Indy Label Festival Volume 2 Friday @ Locals Only $8
-LITTLE VOICE in store performance Friday @ Indy CD & Vinyl Free
-The Dream Is Dead/Harakiri/Wasteland DC Saturday @ the Emerson $10