Brevity and horn-tooting

I’m clearly still not fully adjusted to the new schedule. (and being up ’til nearly 1 like I am at the moment isn’t helping, but I digress.) I literally fell asleep this early evening mid-edit of a longer and better post, which I’ll finish and get live soon.

Shorter version: I’m implementing some changes to better keep ahead of my commitments. I’m going to drop out of the contest over at, which is in progress to recruit a part-time street team leader. I’ve been holding back a few activity points I can go ahead and turn in so I don’t have a goose-egg in that Mojo group, but I question what the point is, considering.

My first priority right now is kicking butt at learning my new job (which presents an interesting subset of joys and concerns and will get its own lengthier post later this week.) I commit to continuing as a volunteer for the growing street team. This better fits the schedule commitment I can adhere to if I want to perform not just acceptably, but well.

Also very clearly need to do some re-tooling on previously posted purpose-focused areas of this site. While my new position is not my original target, I’m doing still MORE re-evaluating for future goals. And I’m officially happy for the time being. The career path is a journey, not a destination. The work is rewarding, and there is room within the company to advance into roles that fit my longer-term plans.

Now for the “toot my own horn” part. I realized earlier today that I have spot-on met the goal I set for myself almost exactly 2 years ago. Granted, it was nebulous in hindsight, but my goal was to work and live in downtown Indianapolis. I’ve met that with flying colors. Hey, anything to liven up that little voice inside that says “You ARE good enough, and you CAN meet your dreams!”

What have you done to liven up that little voice today?