Bow Wow WOW! P-Funk at The Vogue

George Clinton HeaderAll hail George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic! These Rock and Roll Hall of Famers will be gracing The Vogue Thursday June 26th, and anyone who wants to get funked up has got to be there.

This rock, soul, and funk collective is famous for their rambunctious and infectious live performances. From their Star Trek influenced costumes to their psychedelic sounds, this group’s show is wild.

Having been active for over 40 years in some way or another, this outfit has influenced genres across the board. The early 90’s G-Funk style, crafted by Dr. Dre, owes much of its deep groove to the rhythms of Parliament Funkadelic. The Red Hot Chili Peppers have attributed much of their funk to the “P-Funk” themselves.

Spearheaded by George Clinton, one of the most creative and charismatic musicians of the past 50 years, P-Funk has strong credibility. This group was ranked number six by Spin Magazine’s “50 Greatest Bands of All Time”.  The band has claimed six number one hits on the Billboard charts during their career, and 15 members have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Retro P-Funk

Retro P-Funk

With all title-dropping aside, this group has rocked into everyone’s ear-buds whether on purpose or not. “Atomic Dog” remains one of hip-hop’s most sampled beats of all time, and “Flashlight” remains a staple on almost any respectable classic rock station.

So there it is ladies and gentleman, one of the most influential rock bands will be at The Vogue in two weeks, and there’s no excuse to stay at home. “Aquaboogie” your booty on over to The Vogue to partake in what most certainly will be an entertaining evening. Don’t be a sucka!

The Vogue Theatre

6259 College Ave

Doors at 8 PM

Show at 9 PM


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George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic Live!

George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic Live!