Roller Derby: Socialites Finish 2010 Season in Style

By Jackie Bauer
Photo by Junior Say-ow

The Circle City Socialites wrapped up their 2010 season with a big win over the Stateline Derby Divas in Beloit, Wisconsin, on Saturday, September 11th. For the “School of Hard Knocks” bout on September 11, Stateline was aided by a few players from other teams, including Holly Hotwheel and Tekillya Shot from Iowa and the not-soon-forgotten Sugar N’ Slice from the Quad City Rollers (who earned the Socialites’ vote for MVP Jammer when the two teams played in “Fishnets of Fury” in May). In the end, the Socialites graduated with honors with a score of 191-50, with the Derby Divas held back again and again by the Socialites’ blocking teamwork.

In the first jam, Socialite jammer Robin Sock’Em blocked Diva jammer Sugar N’ Slice all the way to the pack before slicing through herself with the aid of whips from Beattie Sedgwick on both her initial and scoring passes to chalk up an easy four points. In the next jam, Socialite blocker Shock Hop’s quick footwork and hard hits kept Daft Spunk in detention, never letting her out of the pack, helping Socialite jammer Liberty Spykes sail through for 15 points. Socialite jammer Roll-R-Damage played mind games with Diva jammer Floot Loop by giving her the ol’ stare down before the whistle, then engaging in some jammer-on-jammer action. Blocker Ho CrackHer got Floot Loop with a major hip-check, freeing up Roll-R-Damage to score 16 points.

The Derby Divas’ luck finally changed when Socialite jammer Polly Dent got sent to the box on a major track cut. Despite some textbook waterfall blocking by Nova Blaze, Beattie Sedgwick, and Ionic Bondage delivering hit after hit, Diva jammer Sugar N’ Slice took advantage of the power jam situation to deftly rack up the first 10 points of the game for the Derby Divas, making their very devoted crowd go wild.

After that jam, the Socialites took the Divas back to school once more each jam by continually collecting some points, then calling it off to prevent the Diva jammers from scoring. Polly Dent, a strong blocker for the Socialites, got to prove serious jammer skills when she was set up for a power jam on her next turn, racking up 20 points even with one Socialite blocker in the box.

Socialite blocker Faye Stunaway’s legendary hits put Diva jammer Sugar N’ Slice on the floor repeatedly toward the end of the first half. In the last three jams before halftime, Socialite jammers Polly Dent, Robin Sock’Em, and Liberty Spykes all got power jam situations when the Derby Divas kept getting sent to the box. The bare minimum of Diva skaters were left on the track to defend against the Socialites; by halftime, the score was 121-13, Socialites.

The Derby Divas returned from halftime showing true derby spirit – not only did they play harder than ever, they took the time to wave to the fans and dance to the music. Blue-and-white pom-poms shook as the Divas picked up lead jammer status more often and managed four times as many points in the second half as they had in the first. Sugar N’ Slice played every other jam in the second half and earned just over half of the team’s total points as a visiting team member.

The Socialites began to experiment with strategies and nontraditional jammers. Socialite Beattie Sedgwick jammed first, her strong maneuvering capacity getting her through the pack again and again for 15 points as Diva blockers pitched themselves out of bounds trying to hit her. Socialite blockers Trouble Helix, Salacious T, and Faye Stunaway kept up waterfall blocking, shutting down Diva jammer Sugar N’ Slice so Socialite jammer Liberty Spykes could tack on five points.

Socialites Ionic Bondage and Nova Blaze in their first turns of the night as jammer scored five points and 13 points respectively. Vivi Section and Roll-R-Damage teamed up to build a wall against approaching Diva jammer Sugar N’ Slice, but after a hard battle, she got lead and pushed through for four points.

In Ionic Bondage’s next turn as jammer against Sugar N’ Slice, she faced some trouble from Diva blockers Daft Spunk, Wicked Lynx, Madam Jiggy, and Floot Loop, and no points were scored for either team. Diva jammer Rhoda Hell was blocked into a crash by Vivi Section, Ho CrackHer, and Shock Hop, but still managed to earn three points for her team while Socialite jammer Polly Dent earned five. Diva pivot Pixie Pummel and blocker Shan of the Dead stepped up the aggression in the second half, making the Socialite jammers’ work much tougher.

In one exciting jam against Socialite jammer Robin Sock’Em, Diva jammer Daft Spunk got the crowd roaring with some fist pumping as she won lead jammer and five points for her team (and Diva blocker Tekillya Shot sent Socialite blocker Beattie Sedgwick into a nice 360-degree spin). The Socialites bounced back with Bambi Lance and Salacious T waterfall blocking and Ho CrackHer hitting Diva jammer Sugar N’ Splice with great gusto, resulting in Socialites scoring 3-2.

The Socialites managed to have some extra credit fun with moves like a star pass from jammer Robin Sock’Em to Beattie Sedgwick, a whirl-around backwards whip from Ionic Bondage to Roll-R Damage, and a jammer baby – Roll R-Damage reached between her legs to pull jammer Robin Sock’Em through, which made Robin lose her helmet cover but resulted in the moment everyone wanted pictures of.

The Derby Divas finished the night off in the final jam dancing while “The Final Countdown” played to a crescendo and Sugar N’ Slice got a power jam to pad their score by 10 points. Final score: 191-50, Socialites.

Thanks to the Stateline Derby Divas for hosting a great bout, and to all Socialite family and friends for a wonderful 2010 season!