Bout Recap: 7/23 Circle City Derby Girls vs Black 'N' Bluegrass

Socialites make impressive recovery in close bout against Black-N-Bluegrass Rollergirls

By Jackie Bauer, No. 24

It may have been hot outside, but it was even hotter inside at Midwest Sports in Florence, Kentucky, where the Socialites of the Circle City Derby Girls had traveled to take on the Blackouts of Black-N-Bluegrass Rollergirls on the Blackouts’ home track. The Socialites suffered penalty troubles in the first half and despite an amazing second half resurgence and the expulsion of Blackout jammer, Scary Garcia, the Socialites fell short of victory with a final score of 153-129.

The bout opened with a quick 5 points earned by Blackout Beka Rekanize. In the second jam, Liberty Spykes snagged the lead for the Socialites with two grand slams while jammer Petal to the Metal from the Blackouts was sent to the box. The tables were turned immediately when Petal to the Metal returned for some grand slam action of her own during a power jam. While enduring big hits from Bunnie Low-Browski and Ionic Bondage of CCDG, Petal netted 12 points.

Socialite Valentine Massacre had difficulties achieving lead jammer status, but her competitive will kept her racing the Blackout jammers out of the pack and around the track consistently forcing them to call off the jam, which prevented them from scoring. Trouble Helix, Salacious T, and Faye Stunaway of CCDG walled up against Blackouts jammer Miso Sari, while Beattie Sedgwick went on offensive to help Liberty Spykes in a two-minute jam that earned the Blackouts another 13 points, bringing the score to 35-10, Blackouts.

In the 10th jam of the evening, blocker Lady Miss Bier of the Socialites knocked jammer Scary Garcia out of bounds. In the process, Liberty Spykes again scored two grand slams for her team bringing the score to 37-20, with Blackouts still in the lead. Penalty trouble in the next jam left blockers Beattie Sedgwick and Salacious T alone on the track as they tried to control the pack and help jammer Roll-R Damage score 4 points. But after Roll-R was sent back to the box, Beka Rekanize returned to slam 15 points for the Blackouts.

The Socialite blockers fought back with waterfalling hits from Bunnie Low-Browski and Spleana Rupture. But it was a big hit from Kimmie S’More that sent Scary Garcia into a spin fall in the last jam of the first half where Roll-R Damage scored two grand slams for the Socialites, bringing the halftime score to 104-38, Blackouts.

Facing a 66-point deficit at the beginning of the second half, the Socialites reorganized their pack strategy. Before long it was the Blackout jammers who were frequently sent to the box. The Socialites went on a scoring rampage led by jammers Roll-R Damage and Liberty Spykes. In one jam, CCDG blockers Faye Stunaway, Lady Miss Bier, Kimmie S’More, and Bunnie Low-Browski held up a four-person wall against BBRG jammer Scary Garcia while Socialites jammer Valentine Massacre had to do a little one-on-one to elude Blackout blocker Heavy Chevy. Scary Garcia’s aggression led to a penalty, and upon return she was greeted by waterfalling hits from Faye, Lady Miss Bier, and Kimmie. She soon revisited the box that jam, leaving Valentine to wrack up 15 points bringing the score to 117-77, Blackouts.

Scary’s continued penalties and expulsion created a power jam situation for CCDG jammer Cassie Khaos in her first game as a Socialite. With the offensive help of her blockers, she tacked on another 5 points to the growing score. In the next jam, CCDG blockers Lady Miss Bier, Trouble Helix, and Ionic Bondage worked together to goat BBRG’s Dot Coma, while Socialites’ jammer Liberty Spykes earned another 10 points. CCDG jammer Roll-R Damage hit her way through the pack against Blackouts’ blocker Natural Disaster. Roll-R also gave some love taps to BBRG jammer Beka Rekanize, sending her out of bounds. Roll-R earned another 9 points with only 8 minutes 33 seconds left in the game, and a score of 141-109, Blackouts.

The last two jams of the night clearly demonstrated why Roll-R Damage was voted MVP by Black-N-Bluegrass. Kimmie S’More, Lady Miss Bier, and even Roll-R Damage took turns hitting Petal to the Metal while earning 8 points for the jam, including a grand slam. Roll-R jumped on the jammer line again for the last jam of the night. She fought hard though obviously exhausted. A great defense by the Socialites slowed the pack down and Roll-R scored another 12 points. However, Roll-R took a hit to the head that left her on the ground. After getting the all-clear from the medics, everyone was relieved to see her get up on her own.

The final score was an impressive showing of 153-129, Blackouts. The Socialites outscored in the second half 91-49, almost double the output of the Blackouts, with Roll-R Damage earning more than half of the Socialites’ points for that half.

The Socialites will have their last home bout of the season against the Rollergirls of Central Kentucky, and the Party Crashers will face off against the Cornfed Derby Dames of Muncie, Indiana. See both teams August 13 at Big Top Brouhaha at the Forum at Fishers.

Party Crashers Put Up Good Fight Against BBRG Shiners

By CarrBomb and Pamplona Pain

Similar to the Socialites’ match against the Black-N-Bluegrass Rollergirls’ Blackouts earlier in the evening of July 23 at the BBRG’s home track in Florence, Kentucky, the Circle City Derby Girls’ Party Crashers faced intense heat and a competitive run against the BBRG’s Shiners, including a couple power jams on both sides. But the “w” ultimately went to the home team with a score of 147-83 in favor of the Shiners.

The bout started off close with Circle City jammer Wrecker Becker getting lead for the first jam, while Shiners jammer Kris P Cream tied her score at 4-4. The score stayed close between the Shiners and the Party Crashers until the fourth jam, when BBRG’s jammer Rowdy Rip-her faced off against Wrecker and scored 15 points in that jam. Meanwhile, Wrecker spent part of the jam in the box along with CCDG blocker Bunnie Low-Browski, who had already played with the Socialites in the first bout.

After that, the Party Crashers fought hard to catch up, but a few penalty troubles for Circle City and fierce defense from BBRG made it difficult for the visiting team to have an easy comeback. However, the Party Crashers were able to inch their way up scoring 28 points in the second half of the first period, including a 17-point jam by CCDG jammer Jackie Bauer in a jam that saw many of the Shiners go to the box. The Shiners’ scored 17 points in the same period of time, only a few points per jam.

By the end of the first half, the score was 65-36, Shiners.

In the second half, the Party Crashers again fought hard to keep the Shiners from scoring more than a few points per jam, if any, but the CCDG skaters had an equally hard time of getting their score to go up.

In the first 12 minutes of the second half, Shiners jammers again outscored Circle City, further solidifying BBRG’s lead to 93-46. This was largely due to the fact the Shiners were more likely to get lead jammer status, effectively preventing CCDG jammers from scoring more than 1 or 2 points per jam.

However, CCDG jammer Jackie Bauer scored 7 points in one jam when she was lead, and Party Crashers jammer Strawberry Smackquiri scored 10 points as lead jammer about halfway through the second period, bringing the score to 106-61, Shiners.

With 10 minutes and 30 seconds left in the game, Party Crashers skater Nova Blaze did an impressive job to control the pack as her jammer, Jackie Bauer, scored 4 points before the Shiners’ jammer could score any points.

But in the next jam, CCDG jammer Strawberry spent some time in the box, leading to a power jam and 14 points by Shiners jammer Bitter Buffalo, changing the score to 124-70, Shiners.

While the next few jams were close, a few jams after Bitter Buffalo’s power jam, teammate Kris P Cream got lead and scored another 16 points for the Shiners, while Party Crashers Strawberry Smackquiri and Nova Blaze sat in the box. After a final jam featuring BBRG’s Captain Skinny Minnie wearing the jammer panty for the first time all night as she faced off against Circle City’s Wrecker Becker, the game wrapped up a score of 147-83 in favor of the Shiners.

The CCDG Party Crashers face off against the Cornfed Derby Dames of Muncie, Indiana in a doubleheader August 13 at the Forum at Fishers, while the CCDG Socialites will take on the Rollergirls of Central Kentucky later that night.

See the Party Crashers and Socialites of Circle City at Big Top Brouhaha, our last home bouts of the 2011 season!

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