Boogie Matrix / Ladymoon – 5/9 The Mousetrap

I’m not sure what it says about me when I say that I go to a show not knowing what to expect and then leaving pleasantly surprised. Especially considering the fact that it happened again this last weekend. On a thinly veiled hope of seeing one of my all time heroes, George Clinton, I went to the Mousetrap down on Keystone Avenue Saturday night. I brought my camera, because, hey it’s George effin Clinton! To my dismay, the mothership did not land, however I made light of my situation and decided to tough it out.

First of all, I don’t like jam bands. Phish, The Greatful Dead, String Cheese Incident, Soulive and the like do nothing for me. Never have. It always seemed to me that the scene was mostly about getting wasted while everyone in the band solos at the same time. (It’s better than the hip/hop grinding scene though.) I’m not here to bash hippies. In fact, I love them. It’s a very love-hate relationship. Suffice to say, there I was in a t-shirt, jeans, and baseball cap with a camera hanging around my neck. “Are you with the band?” I was asked several times. “No, no I am not.” “Then what’s with the camera?” “Oh, I’m documenting my life and putting it out there should anyone want to read about it.”

Ladymoon comes up on the stage and starts rocking out. I mean really rocking out. This is not a jam band, I thought. I heard elements from a variety of different influences within my own personal music collection, and I was very happy. The first third of Ladymoon’s set was pure, unadulterated progressive rock. Kick ass. The bassist named Potts began introducing everyone in the band, and he said that he was not David Crosby. He continued saying the first lesbian who called him that he would be forced to inseminate. I got lost toward the middle of their set, because what I heard was mostly scale jumping guitar lines. They played a really solid cover of what I think is the Allman Brothers, and they also did another track that reminded me of Rush’s 2112, or YYZ. During the set between songs a hippie chick with dreds comes up to me and poured some “boogie juice” in my hand, and asked me if it wasn’t working. I told her I was boogie-ing in my head. She then proceeded to go back out and start dancing. In fact, there were a ton of hippie chicks dancing, getting their groove on and otherwise busting a move.

I ended up running into a few people I went to high school with. Hadn’t seen them in a number of years, but it was good to kinda catch up a bit. I would have never expected to see them there, which made it all the more fun. During the show, I forgot how awesome hippie chicks could really be. Like I said, love-hate. As I continue to explore worlds outside of my normal sphere of influence, I hope to continue being pleasantly surprised. While I didn’t really dig the second band out of Toledo, OH, there were enough elements in Ladymoon’s playing that made me enjoy it. As I was telling Potts after the show, they may have turned me.

I’m looking forward to seeing these guys again, and hope to be able to bring them to Mojostock.

Until next time,
Keep on keepin on