blog your weekend!

So, I have decided to ask all of you mo’fo to write a quick blog about your weekend adventures. Maybe you went to see a concert, caught a movie, went out of town for a few days or did basically nothing but lay around – I think that a weekly ‘what I did this past weekend’ blog would be a really cool habit to form here on IndyMojo. There’s no need to make it super-long or drawn out – blogs in general are supposed to be very easy to write and they shouldn’t be a huge task to complete. Have some fun with it and see what heppens, eh?

Since this is my first weekend blog, I am sad to say that this definitely won’t be my most exciting. This weekend was what I like to call my ‘recharge my batteries’ weekend where I basically do nothing so that I can get rested up once again. As many of you have probably noticed I run around like a crazy man all around this fine city of ours and yes, everntually even I need to chill for a few.

Like I said, this doesn’t happen very often, but when it does happen I definitely need it. Now I didn’t just sleep all weekend, I went out on Saturday to dinner with a couple of fellow mo’fos and I did a couple other things here and there – but nothing compared to the last couple weekends when I basically went non-stop the entire time.

It’s funny how for me, sometimes doing nothing is actually doing something. Getting recharged rules – bring on the week, I’m ready to roll.