Birthdays and bad service.

Last night was my girlfriends birthday (the fair Lady Rene) and since I had a Groupon to Cadillac Ranch, that is where we ended up going for her birthday dinner.

A few days ago, I made reservations for dinner, just in case the restaurant was busy. After arriving at the restaurant, I had a feeling something would be wrong when the rather distracted and very unhelpful hostess couldn’t find our resume, only to tell me that our reservation was for the next day. She didn’t seem all that bothered by the incorrect date and just waved her hand and told us to find a table. Yep, that’s it, not helpful at all. If customers can just walk in and get their own tables, why even have a hostess? She couldn’t even be bothered to give us menus.

We walked in to the restaurant, which is very large, open and well decorated. It was also almost empty of customers. We were there early, so my only concern was that the service could be slow…which of course it was. We waited several minutes for the waitress to show up at our table with menus. Given the size of the restaurant and the money that was obviously spent on the decorations and the restaurant in general, I expected more menu offerings. We were all rather disappointed. Two pages of food items and not enough steak or meat items was a surprise given the “ranch” name in the title. We gave our drink orders (nothing fancy) and again waited for the drinks to show up. Well, at least we had plenty of time to look over their small menu, gave her our orders and again waited for the food.

After a reasonable amount of time had passed, our food arrived. This was probably the best part of the dinner. I had ordered the pepperoni cheese flatbread pizza (I know, pizza at a steak place?..should have went with some meat), my girlfriend ordered the Cadillac burger (no tomatoes and of course it comes with tomatoes). Her mother got a basket of fries and chicken tenders while Rene’s friend bought a salad and order of fries. Everything looked and tasted good, no complaints with the food. The waitress also delivered an extra basket of fries by mistake, thankfully at no charge. Oh, the appetizer…yes, I forgot that part. We ordered an appetizer (loaded fries) and they were good. The bacon crumbles were bigger pieces and were not overly cooked.

At the end of the meal, as we were leaving, the waitress came by to get the check and clear the plate and then started to tell us to give her the dishes and glasses on the table? What?! I’ve been to a lot of restaurants, even worked as a busboy in a restaurant as a teenager. Never have I been asked by a waitress to clear the table for her. I’ve even handed plates and glasses to a waitress when they are very busy, or short and have given good service.

I think if the service had been good (it took a long time to get refills and she barely checked on us. throughout our dinner), being ordered to do her job might not have bothered me too much. Between the slacker hostess and the slow service, the four of us aren’t sure if we would ever go back to Cadillac Ranch. I think I might if they ever have a good coupon or deal, no more buying Groupons to their restaurant.

Some positives from the evening. The restaurant was clean, the music wasn’t too loud and the bathrooms were immaculate and very well decorated. I just can’t get over the indifferent hostess, the small menu, the slow service and being directed to clear the table.

Would I go again? I’m not sure…Maybe if I had a really good coupon or if they had a good special. It’s really disappointing..I really wanted to like Cadillac Ranch.