Ben Samples: Life of the Party EP

I remember hanging out with Samples for a while a Wakarusa last summer, catching some much-needed downtime in the air conditioned press building on Saturday. His Fresh2Death partner-in-crime, Fisk, was missing in action- most likely catching some Z’s in a tent somewhere on top of Mullberry Mountain- but Samples welcomed the chance to escape the heat and chat for a while. The pair had two scheduled sets over the course of the four-day festival, but came with the intent to camp and rage to Waka’s beat-heavy lineup all weekend long. Despite his rising fame and notoriety, Samples was down to take in as much music as possible during his weekend stay and was not at all above getting dirty and sweating with the rest of us in the scorching hot Arkansas sun.

It is that experience that makes me wonder if “Bread2Party”, the standout track from his latest four-track EP Life of the Party, is some sort of autobiographical work, hinting at his own desire and ability to get down on the dance floor, no matter which side of the decks he’s standing on.

Whether that’s the case or not, Samples surely knew it was the best banger on the EP since it’s been made available for free download on his Soundcloud page. The track is totally lyric-less with the exception of a brief Biggie sample from “Party And Bullshit”; the lone five-syllable outcry to “fuck up the party!” builds in an anthematic element that always recurs at just the right time, perfectly in sync with each coveted drop.

Tracks one and three, “Capture The Flag” and “Onyx”, exhibit a glitchy, buzzing hum on the extreme low end that only the bassiest of bassheads will truly appreciate. Meanwhile, the EP’s closer, “Basscraft” conjures images of colossal robots marching into battle, hindered by falling lazers destroying everything in their path. It’s both majestic and terrifying at the same time.

Life of the Party has been hanging around on the high end of the Beatport Glitch Hop charts since it released on February 28th. For 10 measly dollars, you can contribute to the EP’s success and cop your own set of Samples’ newest glitch hop goodness. It’s perfect road-tripping music to properly acclimate your brain to low-end frequencies that are guaranteed to fill the nighttime airwaves at all the summer festivals this year. Bump these tracks as you pull into your campsite and you’re sure to be the Life of the Party.

Life of the Party by bensamples