Being an Uncle and hanging with the fam is the raddest

Sometimes in the crazy and busy lives that we lead, we tend to forget the amazing things that we’re SO lucky to have that are usually right in front of us. Things such as an AWESOME mine.

Being that this is the holiday that you are supposed to reflect on the things that you’re thankful for, I thought that it was appropriate to mention how thankful that I am for my amazing(and constantly growing) family. Being a son and a brother is one thing, but being an uncle is something that is so cool, I don’t even know how so describe it – so instead I’ll show you.

Here are a few pics from hanging out with the fam yesterday during some Thanksgiving festivities. I sent them into the new Mojo on the Road section via my celly during the action:

The nephew Mason and his latest discovery..the iPod.

Getting put to work, which is fine with me…one of my twin neices.

The oldest(and craziest) niece playing jungle gym with uncle Hup.

As you can see I am definitely one lucky uncle and for that I’m definitely thankful…what are YOU thankful for?