Being an asian aka twinky

well everyone knows… im asian… im always being misconstude as “chinese” or ” Japanese”you know people there are hundreds of other countries in Asia besides those two… jesus IM korean… lol well a twinky.. yellow on the outside and really white on the inside… yes its true.. growing up as an army brat, I learned to adapt real quick to other countries and cultures… Im definately not rascist or judgemental seeing that were all the same on the inside… also sometimes youll catch me cracking asian jokes on myself lol its funny cuz its true and its allowed bc im cracking them! but alittle advice for all you drunkies that holler stupid crap to me at the bars! Dont call me Chinese or Japanese… or say stupid sht like ching chong chang… lol no but seriously.. it pisses me off and i will kill you. that is all.