Beats Antique is coming to Louisville

photo by Aaron Lingenfelter of Wide Aperture Images, taken at Electric Forest Festival 2012

Beats Antique is bringing their own blend of world fusion/electronica to Headliner’s Music Hall┬áin Louisville tomorrow (4/24). I last saw Beats at Electric Forest where they completely blew my mind. I had listened to their albums multiple times but I had no idea about Zoe Jakes and how she contributed to the live show. If the above photo doesn’t give you some idea of how she contributes, then you’ll have to head down to Headliner’s Music Hall, pay them $20 at the door, and find out for yourself. Doors open at 9pm, Russ Liquid starts the show at 10pm, with Beats to follow.

Beats Antique was kind enough to give away some of their music for free this year, which can be found here.