BASS CHOP – Exclusive Release – jFET & Shy Guy Says

jFET & Shy Guy Says – The Bass Chop

IndyMojo is proud to share the 2nd project from a new collaberation of G9 Collective producers jFET & Shy Guy Says. Known for their innovative approach to the “bass ninja ambush”, we expect even more from this robot duo as the festival season heats up.

This track will resinate well with Atlanta Braves and Florida State fans, as it features an epic sample of “The Tomahawk Chop” chant that became famous at sporting events. Give it a listen and share this blog with your friends.

jFET & Shy Guy Says – The Bass Chop by jFET


Indianapolis, IN – IndyMojo/G9 Collective

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Bloomington, IN – IndyMojo / G9 Collective

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You can check out jFET & Shy Guy Says together at Doc’s Music Hall in Muncie on Saturday, April 28th.

Our pals at Cosmic Promotions are throwing another Muncie Bass Rage.

For more info – Check out this event page.