Baseball’s Steroids Era isn’t near over

So this past week SI released the fact that Alex Rodriguez along with 103 other baseball players failed testing for banned substances between the years 2001-2003.

How many of these players were All-Stars? How many are/were future Hall of Famers? Will baseball ever be able to recover?

It’s only a matter of time before the 103 other players will be named and then baseball sinks further from America’s game to a game of disgust, lies and cheating.

Bonds who broke Aaron’s career home run record will never be in the Hall of Fame.
McGwire who broke Maris’ season home run record will never be in the Hall of Fame.
Clemens the winningest right handed pitcher of our era will never be in the Hall of Fame.
Sosa, who has more 60 home run seasons than anyone, will not be in the Hall of Fame.

I wonder if Cal Ripken ever used to stay healthy enough to play 2131 games straight.
I wonder if the fan favorite of Ken Griffey Jr is clean as well.

Baseball’s evolved from America’s game to the most tarnished. And it’s not getting better. It’s not cleaning up. It needs an extreme overhaul to flush out the cheaters. It needs suspensions, fines and banishments tossed around like needles were the past 10 years. Pete Rose is serving a lifetime ban for his actions. These current players must face the same judge and jury.

I wonder how long would it take the fans to overcome actions like this. It took a number of years after the strike for the embrace of baseball to be felt again. But that was when 61 mattered. When 755 was untouchable. When 2131 is something that would never be duplicated. History is what makes baseball great, and to let history be forgotten by juiced up numbers is what will make baseball forgotten.