Baseball Games and Black and White Parties!!

It’s pretty much a Kimberly Chase theme to only blog once a month (what? I’m a busy person!)… sooooo here it goes for the month of August:

This weekend effing RAWKED! Friday night, I had the pleasure of experiencing my first Indians baseball game. Jason and I went, sat in the lawn and even made it for opening pitch!

A hotdog is essentially the only thing I’ve been talking about for the past week, so immediately upon arrival, I snagged myself a h’dog.
yuuuuuuuum!!! :) 2 beers, 2 hotdog and 20 dollars later, Jason and I were ready to pick out our seats in the lawn. As the weatherman predicted, halfway into the game it started to pour! Reeeeal smart choosing to wear a white dress, eh? :) Don’t worry, we stuck it out! Jason brought a blanket for me to wrap my wet-self in, and the rain stopped. We finished watching the game and had almost the entire lawn to ourselves because pretty much everyone weenied out and left early (except for a few 10 year olds who were trying to steal all of the fly balls…bastards) After the game ended we stayed for the “surprise” fireworks show. haha. it was GREAT! Clicky click here to check out all of my hot pics!

Saturday was the big PARTAAAAY!! If you didn’t get invited that’s unfortunate, because it was a damn good time. Many of you know, My roommate (and fellow mojo-er) Stephanie, and I just moved to broadripple (58th and Evanston baby!)
In order to break-in our new pad, we felt it was necessary to have a shindig! Everyone came to celebrate the white hot summer by blacking out with us. The black/white party was a success. i miiiiight have done my first kegstand. How exactly did I manage to be the only sorority girl at Purdue who’s never done a kegstand? I’m not quite sure. That picture will soon be posted :) Once the keg was floated, all participants took their black and white asses to broadripple for some more fun and drinks!
I’m successfully worn out from this amazing weekend! Thankyou to everyone who came… Clicky click here to check out the evidence.