Bangs Nicely Previews “The Let Go” in Advance of Spring Release

Bangs Nicely - The Let Go

From the drop of the first beat to the funky bass line and chirping piccolo on the final track – The Let Go captivates from cover to cover.

Produced in its entirety by Bangs Nicely – the vibey alternate DJ persona of Cool Hand Lex – the album was meticulously pulled together over the last five years.

“Every sound you hear was chosen for a reason, from the type of birds chirping in ‘Harness Factory’ to the voices in ‘Sluggin’ to the drum programming of ‘Lazy Sundae’ – everything was chosen for a historical or emotional connection to a specific thing I was experiencing at the time,” he says of the album’s source of inspiration.

Bangs Nicely - The Let Go Listening Party

Bangs Nicely previews “The Let Go” at General Public Collective on Monday January 19, 2015

Bangs Nicely previewed the final product (some songs seeing more than 15 significant revisions over the course of production) this past Monday at General Public Collective in Fountain Square. With nearly 30 guests in attendance, the story of how The Let Go came together was told to an invite-only audience of important figures in Indy’s music scene.

Faced with emotional turmoil after ending a relationship to focus on music, Bangs Nicely’s quest to build an album from the ground up ultimately progressed into a five-year journey of learning and progression – both as a musician and as a person.

“I recognize no one else will fully grasp the symbology, I just want you to know this isn’t made in the same vein as a lot of the cookie cutter music we hear coming out every day.”

After numerous shout-outs to friends, mentors, teachers and fellow musicians for their contributions to the album, the lights dimmed and vibrant rays of color flooded the walls of General Public Collective.

As Bangs Nicely prepared to perform the album in its entirety for his guests, he shouted to the audience, “You guys don’t have to be quiet or anything like that. It’s cool to keep talking.”

But no one did.

An Exclusive: Sluggin’ from The Let Go

The Let Go‘s tentative release date is set for spring of 2015, but we’re proud to present this exclusive to hold you over until the full album drops.

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