Bang’n in Little Rock Arkansas Mofo!

Whats up my Mofo’s!
So the other day I was in “Bang’n in Little Rock”(obscure title from an HBO special years ago). I had a 22 hour lay over and decided to take in a couple sites downtown. I was by myself and had no crew that wanted to go out, screw em’ I had a great time anyways!
The top picture is of a 50mm, 3inch barrel gun. Which if you look closely, you can see a little Mojo tagging on it. Also which I thought was the coolest part of the picture, in the background is the U.S.S. Razorback submarine. You can only see the top of it with the flags flying! Its America, Russia and IndyMojo baby!
The bottom picture is of the trolly that goes throughout downtown. I just thought this was a pretty cool picture. I ended up taking several pictures of my little adventure, I posted them all in my new photo gallery “Banging in Little Rock”.
I finished up by hitting this cool little pub called the Flying Saucer. Actually its not very small and appartently this joint is opening up in different cities. But they had 75 draft beers on tap and over 100 different bottled beers. I ended up drinking a $11 dollar glass of beer that was served to me in a snifter. 10% alc by volume, I was buzzed after 2!
Until next time my Mofo’s!
Good Times!