Bad Weather

Ok, so I haven’t posted on here for a little while but I really haven’t had any good places or chances to take Mojo tagging pictures. Right now I am sitting in Birmingham Alabama at the airport. I am supposed to fly up to Philly today but because of all the snow and ice up that way things are getting pretty delayed and backed up. I am sitting in the corner of the airport right now on my computer with my head down and headphones on trying not to be recognized in uniform. People are walking around all pissed off and I have already had 4 people “try” to yell at me for the situation they have been put in, like I can help the weather and part the damn clouds!
Well I thought I would just post something real quickly to make myself look busy. I have to go play planes now and make it look like I am doing something.
I posted a picture on here from Akron OH at the airport, it isnt’ great but thats because Akron stinks and thats all there really is. Oh and the Mojo sticker is the little black one in the middle of the frame

Talk to all you Mojoers later!
Good Times (I think)