Bad Weather Couldn't Stop The Fest Soldier's for Dancing In The Dark Fest

I had my whole month of April planned around the weekend of April 15-17th and it turned out to be a good experience despite of bad weather. I had not gotten to the Festival until 5am Saturday morning due to a gig a had played the night before at Whiskey Business with HT3. When I had arrived I had spoken with Turtle Matt about how the Festival had been going so far since Friday. Turtle Matt is one of the organizer’s of the Festival, which took place at Water Bowl Park in Muncie, IN. Turtle had explained that due to strong winds and heavy rain, that the main stage had collapsed while in the middle of a band’s performance. Luckily no one had been hurt he said, but it did delay the festival for a few hours. Turtle explained, that fans were literally holding the main stage up just to keep it from becoming fully damaged. Unfortunately, the band who was performing at the time had some gear damaged. My thoughts go out to that band, whoever they were. I did not hear the name of the band who had that happened during their set. This had my band The Dudes of Lord a little on edge because we didn’t know where we would be performing the next day because we were the opening act for the main stage on Saturday at 12:30pm. Thankfully, the sound engineer Don had told us to setup inside of The Moon Stage Lounge Area. This worked out great. Due to high winds it provided a bit of shelter but it was still quite cold. The Dudes of Lord set went extremely well. Everyone who watched us performed really seemed to have enjoyed themselves and said that we put on a great show. We even managed to have a encore due to the fan’s request. We woke up the fest goer’s and it was day two of music underway. Glostick Willy performed after The Dudes of Lord and they were a great band to watch. They played some great cover tunes such as “Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver” by Primus and “Waste” by Phish. Glostick Willy is a fun band to see perform live. Due to the lack of sleep from the night before I had to take a nap in my tent. The wind and rain made it hard to stay comfortable, so I crashed in my car to regain energy. When I had finally awaken back up I was able to catch Loveless Root’s set. It was a very diverse set which happened to include the Donavon Frankenwriter tune “Cool”. Their version of the song was definitely cool indeed. During Loveless Root’s set Turtle had mentioned to me that over 600 Fest Goer’s had showed up and soldiered through the weekend to support the fest. Not exactly the numbers that were hoped for originally, but weather did play a part in that. Turtle Matt still was pleased and was ready to put on another festival soon he said. It made him feel good to know that people still came out to have a good time for the fest even though the weather wasn’t the most favorable. Until next time this has been me, Brad Cummins sharing with you the reader about Dancing In The Dark Fest through my perception of the fest. Telling you what I like in Beizel’s Scene for Indy’s Arts & Entertainment.