Back home again

I made it back safe and sound. California was insanely hot. We’re talking highs of 110 degrees. I had a ton of fun though. Wednesday we had a cook out and hung out by the pool. Thursday we went off roading and hung out by the pool. Friday we went to Hollywood. I saw a high speed chase on the way there. We also saw Bob Barker. Very cool. I think he’s bored since he retired. Our tour guide said he sees him outside of his house hanging out three or four times a day.

Saturday was the 100th birthday party. My great-grandpa really enjoyed it. It was great to see him and other family members who I either hadn’t seen in a while or had never met. On the way home from the party we almost got stuck on the freeway due to a fire. It took us three hours to get back to the house. On the way back to the airport Sunday morning we saw the remains of the fire. It smelled pretty nasty too.

So that’s the short and sweet of the trip. I have a ton of pictures which I’ll post later on.