B Rip Celeb takes over Wrigleyville

Well this past weekend the Broad Ripple Celebrity packed up his bags and headed up to Chi-town for a Cubs game and other debauchery. With a large homemade Maker’s and Coke we set off for the three hour drive North to the Windy City. With little to no traffic we made it to Wrigleyville in good time and we were well on our way to being at a bar with a good hour and a half of pre drinking time. What we weren’t ready for was the obvious Al-Quada convention in town at the same time. First there wasn’t a cab in site, then the next 10-12 we saw were carrying one passenger and we were just out of luck. So my skills of manueving around Nap come into play. I’m wearing tight baseball pants and a Cubs jersey with stirrup socks