There are people who work for what they have, people who already have it, then there are treasure hunters. These treasure hunters operate on nothing but the belief of riches buried far beneath the surface.

This one treasure hunter one day believed that if she dug far enough in the place she just found, she would eventually find what she was looking for. So she began to dig, everyone that knew her were supportive at first. Some helping her dig, others holding on to ropes for her to climb out when she either found what she was looking for or decided this wasnt where she was going to find her treasure.

After a few days a couple people stopped digging, and climbed out. But she was still sure that the treasure was there.

Weeks later, everyone has climbed out but her. Still they are holding ropes for her to climb out, none of them believing in her, but they’re still supportive.

Months past, some of the ropes are gone. Most of her friends and family are gone, except the ones that really love her. The ropes are beginning to run out. She won’t come up, despite the pleas of everyone. She runs on belief rather than logic.

A year later, a dead end. She has dug all the way to a mass in the earth that cannot be dug into. There is one rope left, one person who cares enough after all this time has stayed to be the one to bring her back to the world. With tears in her eyes, she pulls out her favorite lighter and puts it to the rope. It burns all the way to the top, and it lights up the face of the one who waited. The look of anguish on their face was only seen for a second, but it will be remembered forever. It was her last way out and she literally let it go up in flames.

After some time, the shovel is dull. Her strength is spent, and worst of all… the ropes are gone. She’s realized that this hole, the one she dug. Is the hole she will have to live in the rest of her life.

The shadow that follows was twisting and well
The sun goes down and I’ll stop pretending
That this is all a dream and
That any of you will know what it means

Every morning you awake
I’m the first thing on your mind
Before you fall asleep
You give me one last thought

You go to work
I am in your papers
On your lunch break
Your time is spent on your meal
and what you will do with me

Family get togethers
are now interrupted
with arguments between loved ones
all because of me

Friday nights with friends
Have become half-hearted attempts
to focus your mind elsewhere
So now you sit at home by your self
Unable to enjoy whats outside
Hating everything within

I am the money in your wallet, the suit you wear to work, the broken down engine in your car, the parent that always yells, the child that never listens, the loved one who is no longer around, the hated one that won’t go away, the sickness in your body, the man or woman in your heart.

Don’t let me control you anymore…

Come on in
Into the elation
Without your prior
and the issues of existence
With me it’s over
You have a tear
I have a shoulder
Fly to me
Time to time

Only once in awhile
You’ll be mine
I’ll always have your smile
The one you’ve misplaced
As many times as I
Go little rose, cry
Lose all your pedals
To the ground where you belong
Where I walk, where you belong

Come on in
Covered in dirt
Tattooed with tread
Your life is not mine
Get out of my head
Turn around and find a charioteer
I’m not the one to guide
Close my eyes Close my mind
Dissipate, I can’t hide

Only once in awhile
You’ll be mine
I’ll always have your smile
The one you’ve misplaced
As many times as I
Go little rose, cry
Lose all your pedals
To the ground where you belong
Where I walk, where you belong

Doors locked, Location astray
You’ll never find me again
Where is your smile?
Where has it gone?
Where ever I am
Emotionless, Are you happy now?
I am gone
You are lost
Can you unlock your curse?
You never will
Never be Free
You threw away the key

Dive in too fast
Descend, light overhead
Darkness below
Perspective disappears with the light
Declining blind
I’ve never been more alive

Ascend, soar, arise
Obscurity below, overhead light
Happening is stately
Copius good is arresting
Flying high on the wings of conflict
I’m back in the light, back in sight
Never have I been so blind

I walk into the house. This particular evening feels different. “Something good is in my future” I think to myself. I grab a beer and I begin to do my normal socializing. I say hello to a few friends and acquaintances, Crack a few jokes, some are a hit, others are just plain bad, but people still laugh on account of the intoxication. I look over at the big tub of jungle juice that someone prepared for the nights festivities. ” I’d grab a cup, but I don’t want to get too stupid tonight” I say to myself. Tonight is going to be a great night.

12 o’clock has hit and everyone has celebrated. I kissed a girl for the sake of the event but it was nothing to be excited about. An hour passes and many of the party-goers have sifted out to begin the start of a new time. A few stragglers have stayed behind, and then… my beginning.

We have all sit down to play some drinking games, some of them legit but others were not well planned but we drank like rock stars anyways. I feel a grasp on my arm. I turn my head to her, ” What’s your name?” I say. You tell me your name and I’m consumed with a feeling I have never felt before. “What beauty” I think to myself. The night rolls on and I keep the conversations rolling in fear of your losing interest, however I think you were just as worried as I that the encounter would end prematurely.

Later on in the evening we have left and ventured off on our own endeavors. Made a few stops at a few other sites of engagement, a few cocktails to celebrate a new beginning. A new beginning indeed. After that I cannot recall much but one memory. “You’re the most beautiful person” I said as I looked into your eyes. You blushed and didn’t say anything back but I knew you felt the same…

Months have passed and we have seen each other here and there, but the fire that burns inside has only intensified to the point that I can barely think about what to say to you next. This feeling will never fade, it will never leave. ” You’re beautiful” I repeat over and over again. I think that I may be saying it too much but I can still feel your smile and humility. I may stop saying it as much, but I will never stop feeling the same. You told me how you loved me. I’ll never forget the tears that fell from my eyes, and the way you wiped them away.

A year has passed and with every mountain we have climbed, we have descended into a valley. Still my love has never changed in elevation, but you and your character have followed the terrain with every step. I do everything I can to make it right. However, sometimes to make things right is the wrong thing to do. “You’re beautiful” I tell you. A hollow smile I get in return.

Two years have passed and we have separated and comptemplated being together again. It’s different now. I remember what happened and what was never done to fix it. I worked so hard for so long only to be given up for the most inane reason. I stare at you with tired bloodshot eyes. “I need you, I love you” you said…

This day the tears fall from my eyes, they are not the same. They are because I’ve lost you, and you cannot wipe them away.

He stands up the easel and lifts up a fresh canvas. He sees the picture, the woman he always sees when he closes his eyes. If it weren’t for the possible color discrepancies he could paint the image blindfolded.

First he paints the outline of her face, with every stroke is another quality that he has never seen nor anyone else has. With every passing moment his eyes sink deeper into his work. He is no longer holding the brush, it is holding him.

Next in the painting is her figure, he sees it so vividly in his mind. Her body is flawless in his eyes. When she is around, his eyes never stray. With every swipe is another mark of perfection…. This is his painting, he sees it as just that.

Now that the outlines and not so basic features of her has been laid out, he begins to add her color. He may be painting between the lines but in his mind this is no longer a painting.

He is slowing shaping her personality, as he paints her smile.He adds her intellect as he sculpts the expression on her face.Finally the love she has for him, with the way he has her eyes staring right back at him.

After hours of painting that seemed graceful and intricate at the same time, he is finished. She’s beautiful. This is a piece of art that will hang on his wall for a very long time…A year goes by and there the painting stands. He keeps it in his room but since he keeps his windows open at night. It has become jaded from the weather outside of their existence.

Afraid to lose the ambiance of the painting he always touches it up when it seems to be compromised. Without knowing it however, he subtly changes each feature trying to keep it the same.

Some time passes and after all minor rectifications the painting is no longer what it used to be. The smile with the temperament may not be the same. The figure that seemed so perfect before is no more than ordinary.

None of this bothers him because the eyes of the painting still look at him the same way. Through all this time and aging, that’s all that matters.

One morning he awakes.Walking by that painting he has held so dear for so long. He notices the eyes have finally faded. With tears in his eyes and a brush in hand, he takes a few strokes and covers the eyes.

With the best intentions, he has covered or replaced every blemish that seemed to be perfect before. Her personality has faded over time, so he would fruitlessly try to replicate the colors. The painting is no longer what it was.

Now broken hearted he stares at what his painting has become.He doesn’t want to believe it, but his work of art has now once again become an empty canvas…

I’ve decided it’s time for a change, So I went out and rented a house today. I brought all my stuff there, it’s a real nice place and everything is just the way I want it. There’s only one problem. The landlord didnt tell me that I would have a roommate.

Every time I’m home, He is home. Every time I leave, he follows. I can’t even look him in the eye, he is the exact opposite of everything I am, Everything I stand for. I wish he would just leave me alone, but I’m stuck with him. He better change soon or I don’t know what I’ll do.

Now that a couple months have passed, I figured by now it would be different. I thought that I would be able to live with this person or they would change and everything would be alright. Well nothing has changed, It even makes me sick the way he stares me down, judging and critiqueing everything I do. I can’t deal with this much longer. I need a change…

I guess it was a bad idea to live in a house of mirrors…

I never asked, So how could you answer?

I so desperately wanted to tell you how I felt, However I was too busy doting you to see the future.

I have a bad habit of not thinking about the future through another ones eyes. I know I’m going away but I guess I was just na

I pull you off the shelf. No one has read you in awhile, let alone looked at you. Your spine is brittle, pages loose. I dust you off and put you on my night stand. I will read you tonight. I will read you soon.

I’ve fixed your bindings and made you shine. You’re ready to open up and let me in. I will see you tonight.

I return home from a day. I lay down with a glass of wine and you on my mind. I can’t wait to hear your stories, where you’re from, How you got here. My lamp brightens and I lift the book. The bulb blows and there is no light. I won’t be reading you tonight.

Life has picked me up and won’t let go. I reach out for you and It never happens. Another night, another defeat. I’ll see the sun before page one.

A month has gone by and I come home from the world. As I enter my bedroom, I take a saddened glance. The dust I’ve once removed has returned to your cover. In a useless action I remove the dust. Take a deep breathe. Place you back on the shelf.

The book I could never read…