The unwrap
Because wrapping it up sometimes is a good idea.
Last week we talked about curvy girls in pants that don’t fit, this week- I have GOT to address not what is worn, but maybe what WASN’T worn. Some of you were unwrapped during the festivities this weekend, a little too unwrapped. C’mon ladies- it’s winter in the Midwest. Do you really need reminding? Sexiness isn’t about skin, it’s about showing the skin that is sexiest on you, please leave a little mystery to that potential vday date of dreams who isn’t eyeing you, yet, from across the bar.
Over the lovely Valentine’s weekend, as I did my usual observing and judging of peoples’ attire, single or coupled, I was appalled (the,

I’ve noticed very often that women of similar build flock together, ladies- I’m sure you know but in case you need a reminder: NOT every woman is created equal. Your best friend may swear by her skinny leg jeans and want nothing to do with a boot cut. So you find yourself on the second floor at Nordstrom, trying on these jeans that you’re POSITIVE are perfection. Only to find that once they’re on you, you’re not in love, your butt doesn’t look higher, and your thighs don’t look thinner. Actually, your rear just looks wider, your hips have never been bigger in your life, and your thighs well