Bella Spa has been open for almost 2 months now! locatede inside Washington mall. It is the biggest day spa on the east siiide! we offer everything from waxing,eyelash extentions, hair, makeup,permenant makeup,massages,and much more at very afforable prices! we offer more than 5 package deals to save even more… great for gifts for xmas, ur loved ones, and birthdays! hint hint!
this halloween specials include….$ 25 facials, $5 waxes, 65 1 hour deep tissue massages! and If you are a indymojo member you get an additional %10 off! So come and get ur pamper on! and mention ur with indy mojo! call 317-897-9999 or 317-897-9998

I work three jobs… sometimes four…. I work at a barbershop, my mother’s hairsalon….paint murals and windows for local businesses and occasionally serve at a japanese/korean restaurant… I just recently turned 23 and i feel like an old fart because everytime i bend over.. my back goes out, everytime i wake up i feel like as if someone beat me up in my sleep, everytime i go out with friends I feel like as if Im the old granny that can’t keep up. I get tired after a dance or two, when i try to wear sexy clothes i feel embarressed, clothes just dont look the same anymore… i catch myself making small talk with my clients about the weather and how marriage drains the life out of i would know..? well most of my clients are old grandpas anyway. Everyday one of my body parts fall apart… IM just falling apart in general… i find myself wondering about 401K and my retirement funds.. I think about wrinkles and when im going to loose all me teeth… ugh Im sick of clubs and the bar scene already… this isnt normal.. right? IM starting to wonder if my boobs are going to drop anyday now. ugh… whats next? farting dust? maybe im just going thru a bitter middle age crisis… lol ;ppppp oh great now i sound like my grandma …bitter and cranky…

well everyone knows… im asian… im always being misconstude as “chinese” or ” Japanese”you know people there are hundreds of other countries in Asia besides those two… jesus IM korean… lol well a twinky.. yellow on the outside and really white on the inside… yes its true.. growing up as an army brat, I learned to adapt real quick to other countries and cultures… Im definately not rascist or judgemental seeing that were all the same on the inside… also sometimes youll catch me cracking asian jokes on myself lol its funny cuz its true and its allowed bc im cracking them! but alittle advice for all you drunkies that holler stupid crap to me at the bars! Dont call me Chinese or Japanese… or say stupid sht like ching chong chang… lol no but seriously.. it pisses me off and i will kill you. that is all.

What is a blog??
I mean i go on the internet as much as the next gal but what the hell is this word i see everywhere BLOG?? Is it a diary or people bitching about stuff to the public?? I have no clue so i guess Im blogging…now lol let me know people..