So I have officially boycotted Dennys after last night.
Matt and I decided to go have some breakfast last night after the spot and it definately got robbed at gun point! ahhhh I have never been so scared in my life! They cudnt even lock the door after it had happened cause they had no key! And the police officers didnt really seem to care about the situation! sheesh!

Ok so you kno you live out in the middle of no where when….someone knocks on your door and they want to kno if you have seen their lost cow….yes i said cow and not dog…..and when there is an elk on the loose….and o yea….when ur driving home at night and you almost hit a horse! o wait…and the best one yet….when you still have dial up for your internet service because no one has heard of cable around here! sheesh i really need to move to the city! this is rediculous!

o this is going to a long long day at work! I’ve gotta work 12 hours on 3 hours of sleep! which brings me bak to my first blog…..if I was a bear, I wudnt have to work! btw I want to b like a black or brown bear….def. not a polar bear! that wud just suk! hahaha

so I totally found hershey kisses that taste just like a cup of hott chocolate w marshmellows today! call me a dark, but it freakin made my day!!

I was thinking this morning on my way to work (i kno I kno me thinking is pretty scary!) as I as freezing my ass off….I have decided that I wish I was a bear! is that silly? I certainly don’t think soo! they get to sleep thru all this damn cold weather! they never have to worry about watching their figure…or working…or any of the daily drama humans have in their lives….call me crazy…but it sounds good to me!