I remember when on fridays I would be driving to go out cruisein and remix to ignition would come on… or Just push straight and the whole mood went wild… Now it seems going out isn’t like it use to be, having fun was alot more about having fun then who you were with or what you had on. I don’t know, just a tought as I look at the future and long for the past.

I want to find the key to the next open chapter, I want to find that place in life were I feel like I own the sun in the sky. I hate the fact that people in my past have changed the way I’am in side. I Love the fact that I have the opertunity to recapture my life… I guess what I’m saying is Live for you and allow no one to change who you are.

So last night at the Spot, owned by one of my good friends was the place to be last night…However I have to say last night people were out of the norm… we all had fun it jsut seemed laid back and un-aligned. I have to give props to Steph for the cereal and alcohol combo… If you haven’t tryed it don’t knock it!

Well, Last night at Landsharks was as Awesome as it gets….I had the privlage of buying the worlds biggest Turkey a beer…Hup you Rule! All I have to say is if you weren’t there……YOU SUCK!

I’am new to the scene and I have to say so far Mojo is awesome, I hope to dance and party my way in to the Mojo history books and be a legend. So hit me up if you get a chance!