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Check out this online weight loss community. I just joined and it seems pretty awesome!

So, a while ago, I was watching one of The Today Show, and they did a segment on “5 Websites To Change Your Life”. I love the internet, and if it can change my life… I’m all for it!

The list of sites are:

Kayak-A travel site similar to Expedia:

Expert Village-A site of how-to videos that, instead of reading directions, which I hate to do, you just watch a video!

Fat Secret-A social network/resource for individuals trying to lose weight!

One that is not active anymore.. I bookmarked all of them, and the fourth is gone…

And my newest guilty pleasure-Lemonade

This site is so cool, and I hope it starts paying off. What you do is, create a store (lemonade stand) and name it whatever you want to name it, and then you select items from a list to add to it! You can search items based on a keyword, or you can choose from a category. Then if people buy from your store, you get a commission of 5-15% of the sale!

Go try it; it’s fun!!!


Check out my stores!

How awesome! I just logged on and there are 418 members online! That’s the most I’ve seen to date! Go IndyMojo!!!

I just read an article. It can be found at this URL:
Interestingly enough, an Israeli man is going on his 9th wife, yes I said 9th. He has a whopping 67 kids! Oh my goodness! I have 3 children whom I love dearly, but isn’t there a certain stopping point for this whole family expansion phase? Whew, as if the first, third, and fifth wife wasn’t enough, he’s going for number 9! Guess he’s a cat? :)

And here’s some math for ya, his eldest child is 37! The man is 58. This is one busy dude! I like sex just as much as the next person, but I’m not sure that I’ve had that much spare time in my life for that amount of action…(okay, maybe I have, but 67?)

Another bonus for this guy; he decides which wife he will spend the night with. How can one complain? Constant change = lack of boredom = fidelity? (or does that count, I’m confused) Hmmmmm……..

I’m not sure if they arrived just in time for Halloween, but it seems that my kitchen ceiling has recently been decorated by the cobweb fairy. For me, that poses a question… Where in the world do they come from? Surely it’s not from spiders… Or is it? Why are they called “Cob” webs? Do cob spiders make them?

If they do come from cob spiders, thank you! Thank you cob spiders for picking up where I am lacking in the Halloween decoration department! Do you offer free clean-up after the holiday? :)

Thoughts anyone?