Well, we have been absent from Mojo for awhile. Things have been busy for us lately! I guess that is a good thing. This will be a short blog, cause I don’t know what to say, other than, sorry for disappearing! We will pop in now and then!

Well, it is about time! I have been waiting for this day forever! We finally have Photoshop! I am still learning it, and let me tell you, there is alot to learn! You would think that I would have purchased it before getting started in the business, but I didn’t realize what a demand there was for black and white photos to have a splash of color in them! That seems to be a pretty popular effect, one that I have already figured out how to do! I will post some of my newly edited photos soon.

We have been working to convert a room in our home to a portrait studio. It is getting there, slowly but surely! I can not wait to get it done. I really should get off this computer and get to work on the room! We are waiting to get some flooring for it, and paint, then we will work on a few backdrops. The backdrops will be fabric and the stand will be portable. So, we will be able to take it anywhere with us. If someone doesn’t want to travel to the Southwest side for their portraits, we bring the studio to them! I am really excited about this. Can you tell?

We have a few people that we would like to recommend to you!
First, we have an Event Planner. Her name is Megan Corcoran. She is located in the Castleton area and she will give you 15% off of your consultation when you schedule now through December 31st! You can call her at (317) 370-1599, or email her: megancorcoran@yahoo.com
Next, we have a Florist/Landscape Designer. Designs by Rebecca. (317) 370-3767, or email her: rkcdesigner@indy.rr.com
Lastly, we have a make-up artist. Her name is Angie Leitner. I will have some before and after shots of hers up this weekend so that everyone can see her work. You can email Angie: teacher_dec02@yahoo.com for information.
Please be sure to let these ladies know that you heard about them through Muzik & Memories!

Finally! The Canal Walk photos are available for all to see! Thank you so much to Kyra, and her daughter, for participating! We ended up with some great shots!
I have posted some tentative dates for next year’s Canal Walks! The first is March 2nd, just in time for Easter! Weather pending, of course.

Hi Everyone! Just wanted to say thanks again to Kyra and her daughter for participating in the Canal Walk Photo Session today! I had fun, and I can’t wait to see how the photos turn out!
We actually had a pretty good day, even as cold as it has been lately. I am looking forward to starting this back up in the Spring. Hopefully the water will look better then! Even with the poor water quality, in the canal, we still found some great spots for photos. Still alot of color in the flowers.
We will be posting information within the week regarding Holiday photo session specials.
Thanks again!

I want to remind everyone of the upcoming Canal Walk Photo Session that is scheduled for October 14th! There is still plenty of spots available! The cost is only $20 for the first 24 shots and $15 for each additional 24 shots. There is a reservation form to fill out on our website, www.muzikandmemories.com. Just click on the link for the Canal Walk Photo Sessions. Great opportunity for engaged couples, brides-to-be, or families! Your photos will be put on your own personal page in our store for ordering.
Can’t wait to see you on the canal!

Muzik & Memories will be on the Canal Downtown on October 14th for a Canal Walk Photo Session! Please feel free to visit our website for more information. www.muzikandmemories.com
There is pricing information on the site. We do ask that you fill out the reservation form so that we know how many people we are going to have join us!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to introduce Muzik & Memories! We are an all occasion DJ & Photographer on the South West side of Indy! We are available for any type of event! We will come to you for your portraits! DVD Slideshows set to music you choose! Check out our website for more information! www.muzikandmemories.com