Woohoo…after two weeks on the eating program I have lost 15 pounds and 14 and 1/2 inches. How freaking awesome is that!?!? Sorry…I’m excited…just had to put it out there. LOL

I had a ton of fun tonight and made a good chunk of change! Yay! I got 4 new parties on the books from tonight, too. Woohooo! They were a really fun group… I was feeling kind of eh and tired beforehand, but the party helped and now I’m just tired…which being 2:30 in the morning makes that alright. :-) They told me how awesome I was…which is always nice to hear. :-)

Being on my eating program kind of makes the parties hard since everyone is always wanting me to eat at the parties…but heck…I’ve lost 15 pounds in the first week and a half so I’m not stopping now! :-D

Yay…all in all a good night!

SO I’ve started the 6 week body makeover today (eat more often to get metabolism up) www.sixweekbody.com. A LOT of the things they say makes sense….finally. I’ve been plateaued for quite a few months after losing 60 pounds on my own and thought it was time to lose the rest I want to… This program sounded like things that have worked for me in the past but to a more tailored degree….so why not give it a go? I’ve never really ate bad…but have always been bigger… I’m tired of the misconceptions people have about me and want to lose some more to help make me feel better. It sounds like it will work really well so here’s hoping! I’m very disciplined when there is something I want…

If anyone wants to walk or anything, let me know! Always looking for people to walk with. Even though I’m big I’m not really out of shape…which sounds dumb…but it’s true. The program is all about eating more and working out less. You only workout twice a week…but can walk as much as you want…sooooo….let me know!

Wish me luck!


I have a poll up to see if you guys want to have an Indy Mojo Passion Party… It’s up in the forums area under Be there or be square… Go vote so I know!!! :-P I really think it would be fun! Haha Also let me know if you have a venue/place you’d want it…

Sooo…last night I went to the Pumpkins concert in Normal IL. It was at the university and the facility was actually really nice. We were all the way up in the VERY last row. The tickets sold out quick…haha. You could still see really good and the sound was great up there. Something you should know about me though…I get dizzy up high when looking down. NOW…I’m ok sitting, usually. When the lights go out and there are all kinds of stage lights it doesn’t really help…but if sitting…like mentioned before…I’m alright. So during the Bravery all was well…they gave a great performance…and I don’t care what anyone else says…I like them! People were sooo bashing them….but I thought they rocked it out… The lights were awesome and really added to the show…just some really cool effects! When they were done, the main lights came back up and we walked over to where some friends were sitting and chatting a bit. I had to make sure to get back to my seat before the lights went down though cause I wouldn’t have made it up the stairs in the dark…lol. Pathetic…I know. Well we got back and as soon as the Pumpkins came on…everyone stood up….except me. :-( One of three things will usually happen if I stand up…really high up…staring down at the stage with millions of flashing lights. ONE…I will throw up. TWO…I will pass out. THREE…I will fall over on to the people in front of me. :-( All of which I didn’t think the people around me would appreciate. I’m a freak, what can I say. SO I was alright sitting at the beginning because I figured everyone would sit down once they got going. They didn’t…at least not in our section….most others did. I got kind of bummed. So yes…I got to “see” the Pumpkins in concert…but what I really saw was the guy directly in front of me swaying for 2 hours, the one in front of him bobbing his head, and the couple next to them jumping around. Which, I have to say, didn’t help the nausea. You would think the fact that the guy right in front of me was probably a size 29 waist would have helped the seeing the stage problem…but no. At times I could see lights around him from the stage…and from time to time I could see a person when the people parted in such a way….but not often. To say the least I was a little bummed. This affirms my love for small venues. It was still incredibly awesome to hear them live and I think they put on a really powerful show…it just would have been that much more awesome to be able to watch them. All in all…a fun night! Didn’t get back to Indy until 4:30am… Fun times! :-P

I had three parties this weekend! They were all a ton of fun! My one last night had a male stripper come who brought a friend…haha…so there ended up being two of them shakin’ what they got. Everyone told them to go get the Passion consultant…soooo needless to say I had some stripper action going on…lol. It was crazy! I was sandwiched at one point…haha.

I ended up booking 10 more parties this weekend, too, so how awesome is that? Ha! Goooood times, good times… ;-)

Looking forward to doing some parties for all you guys and get to know everyone!!!