First I would just like to say that this was first time that I was able to participate in anything thats been promoted on Indy Mojo, so Kudos to me. Secondly, about the movie….It was awesome!!! I had such a good time. My roommate also loved the movie and she’s not even in to these kinds of movies. The movie was just great. I dont know how to describe it. The special effects were cool. After checking out this movie it made me was to get on over to Borders and read the book(s). I had never heard of this book before and Im just hoping that there is even more detail about the story that makes it better. Oh yeah and I cant forget the fact that I will be in the Indy Star this friday giving my opinion of what I thought…all in all it was a good night and I look forward to many more to come.

so the thing i love most about downtown are the different little hole in the wall shops and attractions like the Fair Trade Center (not actual name but can’t think of real title) over on Massachussets, i think…it so friggin cool and i love how everything in this little store comes from other countries and that the money used to buy these items goes back to help thoses families…so cool.

So its just another Friday morning and another beginning to what is going to be another oh so very exciting weekend…We shall see :)