Now I hope its not this bad yet…

Here starts on this Friday the thirteenth the rant on the various leagues quality of refereeing and their disposition to hide any controversy. I understand that refs are human and we all make mistakes and have our perceptions, but as a referee you have to be unbiased. You almost never hear of a ref being disciplined for a poorly called game, but every week there is someone being fined in the major leagues for criticizing a controversial call. I joke that leagues like the NFL, MLB, and NBA all are starting to operate like the mafia, although it doesn’t seem to be far from the truth as they do everything they can to cover up and not speak of horrible officiating. We are all human and subject to our own judgment. All I’m asking for is that when your job is your judgment then you should be held accountable for poor judgment. This could apply to many other fields than just refs as I see our country bail out so many businesses that probably just need to cut pay of the top executives who are obviously not doing their jobs for the money they are paid anyways. Sorry little side note, but I’m sure there will be more to come on this topic and I don’t mind comments as it sparks a deeper though provoking process.

Don’t you love it when people ask, “Who are you?” That’s a questions I deliberate on time to time as sometimes it seems I don’t even know that answer so how could anyone else. Each person or group I am around tends to bring out different traits and thus alter my decision making skills. On one hand it can be a good thing being a chameleon as I can fit into most any group or setting. However it tends to make it harder to settle into that really tight core and have really close friends or even a best friend. It is like you can be surrounded by millions of people, but when it comes down to it I sometimes still feel alone.

It seems there are always people that can bring out the best in me, yet others that will bring out the worst. How come you never hear about how great you are from others, but in fact its those who bring out the worst ing you that make you the villian to the rest of the world in all the stories they tell from a bad experiance. I think its funny how if a man has a bad date with a woman he most likely will just move on and not see her again and if a buddy goes on a date with her then he can learn for himself. However if a woman has a bad date with a man then she will tell everyone she knows to warn them away from that individual. We all have off nights, bad weeks, or even horrible years. Do we hold first impressions against and individual forever, or in some cases someone elses first impressions of that individual? I only bring this up since I became away of an idividual who did this to me several years ago when she didn’t even know the whole story of the night in question. Remember to get your facts straight. Also sometimes its better to not be a third party gossip queen trying to know best for everyone else. You never know when it will come back to bit you in the butt.