BOO!! Happy Halloween!!!!

Well, I have been on the ship for a week and a half so far and all I can think about is how much my feet hurt! Both of my feet are pretty much covered with unbelievably painful blisters given that I am wearing the worlds most uncomfortable shoes and working 10 hours a day EVERY freaking day of the week

Hey guys! I already miss all of the Mojo crew sooo much! But I am already having a great time. Since this past Saturday (the 13th), I have been at the Lundberg School of Seamanship in Piney Point, Maryland taking Coast Guard Level 1 classes studying all kinds of things like crowd control, first aid, personal survival, & even firefighting where I got to put on the whole firefighter get-up & put out a few fires breathing through the air tank & everything! Wow, that is hard work & is definitely not my calling!! I am so ready to get to Hawaii