Come on, we all know it’s true, most people suck! OK, not necessarily most people but a large majority that keeps getting bigger day by day. But instead of all the things I hate about humanity in general (do you hear that my noisy, dumb-ass, crack head neighbors?!), there’s quite a bit to dislike about some of the local bands out there. The ego on a few of these people and groups is truly befuddling to behold. I’m literally flabbergasted by some of it.

Not all of them mind you. There are some excellent INDY bands out there who are very talented as well as down-to-earth. All around good people whom you just want to hang out and drink a beer with. –>People you WANT to see SUCCEED.< -- But then, on the other end of the spectrum, there really are a lot of arrogant twats out there in the music scene as well. They've played 20 shows at 3 different clubs and think that "the time has finally come for us to get signed!". Just some very douchy, arrogant and ego-driven people who are only in it for the attention and to pretend they are celebrities who are somehow better than non-musicians. Every message is "Come to our show bitches!", and they only contact you a couple times a year when they need something or want your to cheer for them and congratulate them on how great they are.

Now I’ve met some people who, at first impression, seemed like they were egotistical assholes, but then after getting to know them a little better you understand that they are overall good guys/gals and have the talent to back it up if their ego is a little inflated. People/bands who have been playing consistantly in INDY for the past 10 years have a better reason to have a little bit of an ego or perhaps a chip on their shoulder than those who formed a band last year. If you’re gonna be an egotistical ass, you better have at least payed your dues and have the talent to back it up.

I don’t care if you fucking opened for PEARL JAM, if you’re playing at LOCALS ONLY next week for an audience of 15 people, all of whom you’ve known since high-school, you damn well better get your ego in check and stop acting like anybody owes you anything. You’re owed common courtesy and respect, and that requires that you offer up that same common courtesy and respect in return. And if not, here’s a big FUCK YOU you can shove up your holier than thou ass.

In Close: Being a musician doesn’t make you any less of a douchebag and might in fact compound the problem.


Looking for a HALLOWEEN alternative? Why not come out this year and kiss the LIZARD with the great bands CIVILIAN, GASH HOUND, STRAIGHT JACKET MEMORY, BETRAYED WITH A KISS, and SILENT SON!? Free copies of the new ‘Crossroad Resonances’ zine will also be available, along with free copies of my latest CD release from ‘The Conscious Sleep Project’. Drink specials, costume contest, cash prizes! Be there or Satan will get angry!

Oh holy hell, after last night at UGLY MONKEY I’m pretty freakin’ hung over. And the best advice I got from two people today was “hung over? You better drink some more then!”, and as much as I might regret it later, there’s a 6 pack of Coors that I’m getting ready to pour down my gullet. Doesn’t help that new neighbors were moving in the apartment beneath me this weekend, bringing in heavy furniture, banging, stomping, so needless to say my sleep (usually from 10am – 6pm) hasn’t been very good.

Anyway, back to the party. Hung out with DJ KOOLAID and crew at the UGLY MONKEY last night working out some details for the big Nov. 19th benefit show we’ve got there for the ‘Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’ featuring some cool bands like PIGTAIL CROOKS, OUSHABOO RECORDS, PEOPLE VS RADIO, CASUAL INTERRUPTION, and FIBER just to name a few. Admittedly I’m not really in to the hip-hop scene, but we saw some booties gyrating on the dance floor and some boobies bouncing around, so that’s usually a good thing. Drank 6 beers, 4 jack and cokes, and 4 shots of something crazy, then came home at 3am to drunken blogging and another 4 or 5 beers, so honestly I’m a little surprised I’m not in complete zombie mode right now.

Perhaps the best thing about the night was that after talking to ‘Soupy’, the manager at the MONKEY, we figured out that he had some spots available for LIVE MUSIC on NEW YEARS and is probably going to let me book 4 or 5 bands for the evening, which is awesome since I’ve been looking for a place to host a NEW YEAR’S PARTY for at least a month now! So, semi-officially, I’ll be co-hosting the NEW YEAR PARTY at the UGLY MONKEY, during the packed insanity downtown that night, with such cool bands and performers as DJ KOOLAID, CIVILIAN, GASH HOUND, THE DWELLERS and more TBA.

Aside from that we’ve got a show at MELODY INN this Wednesday the 14th with DJ KOOLAID, FIBER, CASUAL INTERRUPTION and one TBA, and luckily was able to book CIVILIAN and GASH HOUND at LIZARDS on the south side for HALLOWEEN NIGHT, which I’ll be using as the official release of my new ‘Crossroad Resonances’ quarterly zine publication. You can read more here at one of my various other blogs if you’re interested.

Should be a cool and productive few months to come, and I’m looking forward to what 2010 has in store…

…Aside from the Apocalypse, that is.

Upsetting, a family funeral to attend this week. But music wise I’ll be at LOCALS ONLY on Oct. 3rd, at MELODY INN for an event I’m sponsoring on Oct. 14th featuring DJ KOOLAID, FIBER, SHORES OF DIVISION, and CASUAL INTERRUPTION. Should be two really great nights of events.

Tell me your there for CROSSROAD RESONANCES and I’ll buy you a drink!

So since I don’t actually want to start a TWITTER account any time soon, but sometimes want to leave a brief little snippet of what’s going on in my world, I decided to use the INDY MOJO blog for that very thing.

Originally I thought about calling these rambling entries ‘TWATTER’, but for as vulgar as I can sometimes be, I didn’t want to use the word TWAT in the very headline of the blog every time I posted. So instead…

I went with something possibly even more offensive, SHORT BUS.


Hitting LIZARDS tomorrow for WOODROW PROJECT, LAZY DAZE Friday for ON CALL ATLANTIS, and then the big ORANJE FEST on Saturday. Hope to see/hear some mind-bending stuff and meet a couple MOJO peeps.

My Halloween costume needs a little work.

First off, no pics up yet but will surely have them at the Myspace page in the coming few days, so be sure to check it out.

We’ve all been through it before, you plan and plan and plan for something but it never exactly works out the way you intended it to. It’s like the ‘Stones’ say, “you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need.” This weekend, after months of planning, I didn’t exactly get what I wanted but got what I needed for the here and now.

First off I want to give a big thanks to QUARANTINED, DJ KOOLAID and THE SYNTHESIS who did a great job at the EMERSON on Friday night, and to THE DWELLERS who are growing increasingly phenomenal. Of course, it just wouldn’t be complete without the last minute drama, as the sound engineer from the Emerson rather rudely canceled the band GASH HOUND who was set to perform at 10pm, which ended in a back and forth exchange of “fuck yous!” before GASH HOUND left the theater, taking the majority of the crowd with them. A little pissed we all headed back to Andrew and Jenn’s house (THE DWELLERS) for a rather impromptu and kick-ass midnight party with a live performance by GASH HOUND.

Needless to say I felt bad leaving before the final band had finished (PREY FOR ALL), since I had booked them for the evening, but I’ve got some allegiance to both GASH HOUND and THE DWELLERS (as their kinda/sorta manager type dude), and after a lot of confusion and rudeness coming from THE EMERSON, I was ready to make my exit and go party someplace else anyway. Not to talk shit about THE EMERSON because aside from the fact that it’s where I saw my first movie when I was 2 years old (‘Superman’), I also have a lot of history there and might want to book another show at that venue again someday. That being said, THE EMERSON is in some serious need of renovation and perhaps new management as well, and there’s a reason I haven’t been there for a show in nearly 10 years. Hell, I thought the place was pretty run down when I was playing there as a teenager: the place is a black pit now where you’re afraid you’ll get VD from even washing your hands in the bathroom.

So yeah, after a long time planning, my 9/11 EMERSON show pretty much went the way I would have expected it to. Sure, it would have been great if more people would have came out, but that’s a given ain’t it? All in all 60 or so people showed up, and everybody seemed to have a pretty good time (until the very last minute anyway). But it all turned out OK in the end, and if nothing else it was a learning experience for the next gig.

Secondly, we had a musician’s meet-up tonight at SI GREENE’S PUB on the east side, which is in the process of renovation in order to feature live music on the weekends. Once again, you’d hope more people would get out, but honestly it was a pretty damn good time and productive as well. Thanks to the hospitality of SI GREENE’S, and a very big thanks to all who came out tonight including Darrin from INDY IN-TUNE, Blake from CIVILIAN, DJ KOOLAID and Don, PIGTAIL CROOKS, GASH HOUND, FIBER, SHATTER THEIR ILLUSION and SHADYSIDE ALLSTARS who are some of the coolest, craziest and funniest dudes you’ll meet. Drank a lot of beer, danced some crazy dances, played some pool, got beat, won a few games, got beat, won a few games. It’s like life that way, you win some you lose some but in the end you just cut your losses and take what good you can from it.

Again, I didn’t get what I wanted – what I’d planned – but I got what I needed, even if, at times, it felt like a hard pill to swallow. I think this weekend did a lot for helping to build some stronger bonds and friendships, and it’s always great to mingle with talented artists and musicians. It helped me to better plan for any shows and festivals I’ve got coming up in the future, and Darrin from INDY IN-TUNE and myself will soon be doing some podcast interviews with most of the bands who showed up tonight. In other words, some good things came out of the venture and it was a worthwhile effort. Considering all the BS I’ve endured in the past couple months organizing these events, they turned out surprisingly (or not surprisingly) exactly what I expected.

Anyway, that was my big adventurous weekend. Next will will be WILL WOODROW PROJECT at LIZARDS on Thursday, ON CALL ATLANTIS at LAZY DAZE on Friday, and ORANJE on Saturday! Looking forward to more good times, good music, and good booze.

Though, like the majority of Americans, I’m usually pretty broke or working with extremely modest finances and resources, I’ve always kinda lived my life as an eccentric millionaire who was told I only had six months to live. I’m a serious minded person with a lot of compassion and pain I feel for the troubles of the world, but recently, I’ve invested myself in helping the local underground scene however I can and trying, how I might, to have some FUN! I’m a talent scout and motivational speaker, who at this point, is willing to be paid in beer and mutual respect.

With various creative and artistic projects I’ve endeavored over the years, I’ve approached it from a realistic angle, but from the viewpoint that, at least personality wise, is one of an extremely wealthy and “thinking outside the box” kinda guy who sees money as no object and knows that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to without being over-burdened by the harsh reality of the situation, which is, that I’m actually broke. Haha, I find it more impressive, more vital and important in this world, when people are able to utilize their meager resources and exceed all expectations, instead of to actually invest $100,000 dollars in something and it be a miserable failure that puts them deeper in debt.

Since for all intents and purposes this is a review of the local band THE DWELLERS whom I had the pleasure of seeing live last night, the introduction today might seem a little out of place. But, that being said, I like to surround myself with good natured and down to earth people who see the sky as the limit, have positive attitudes, and utilize their talents and resources in impressive, astounding, and often times brilliant modes of self expression and artistic integrity. When it comes to local bands and musicians, 10 times out of 10 I’m going to better appreciate those bands who are offering something very unique and different and who clearly aren’t trying to be the next “one hit wonder” on some shitty corporate radio station, or cater to other people’s ideas of what they’re “supposed” to be and sound like. IE: I’ll better react to good bands who clearly aren’t just in it for the money or feel that “this town owes me!”.

I’ve listened to many songs by THE DWELLERS in recent months and have established somewhat of a relationship with these guys on a personal basis, but it wasn’t until last night (8/22) at ZANIES TOO on the east side that I was finally able to see these guys live on stage. And let me tell you, they solidified themselves as one of my favorite local acts (if not favorite) not only by their experimental and mind-blowing arrangement of psychedelic jazz, but because of their likable and modest personalities, and their desire to take their otherworldly compositions and stage show to the next level. When listening to THE DWELLERS you get the sense of not only a certain level of greatness, but of equal parts untapped potential and endless musical-visual possibilities.

While THE DWELLERS aren’t for everyone, and might be an acquired taste for some, for those who appreciate the best of the psychedelic 60’s, love keyboard oriented jam bands who take themselves seriously enough to have a healthy sense of humor, and are the epitome of an “underground sound”: THE DWELLERS are for you. If you’re tired of the metal dominated local scene and 80’s style cover-bands around these parts and are looking for something truly unique and different (and willing to take a chance and let your mind wonder into the realms of bizarre musical landscapes), you’ll definitely want to check this excellent band out as soon as you get a chance. It’s Syd Barret meets Floyd meets Velvet Underground meets Blue Oyster Cult meets Portishead, and I’ve got a good feeling that, in time with a more expanded stage/light show, these guys have the potential to be a “the next big thing” on the local scene and beyond.

Your next best opportunity to find THE DWELLERS is their CD release party at the MELODY INN on Sept. 2nd with GASH HOUND, and on Sept. 11th at THE EMERSON THEATER, and Sept. 12th at SI GREENES. I’m doing my best to help keep these guys busy well in to 2010!

And be sure to check out their official website with a ton of FREE downloads at:

PS: The other bands last night, STATE SECRET (did a superlative job considering they’re having some problems with finding a dedicated drummer), and WILL WOODROW PROJECT (was impressive as always).


As for the TITLE of this blog post:
If “professionalism” is only about making money, and the business end of thngs, and booking bands who might be A-holes but have a guaranteed crowd, then I guess I’m not a professional. And when it comes down to it, those who state or imply that I’m not professional with my approach should take the time to realize that, for as much as I enjoy and love a lot of the local scene, getting involved with INDY music is actually less “professional” than the other “job” I’ve been doing for the past several years which is interviewing celebrities, best selling authors and millionaires, while getting 5 million page views and downloads for my website… And no, I haven’t really made any money at that either, but to me it’s equally as important to have a good resume of personal accomplishments, staying true to your own integrity and intuition, than it is to be making $500 bucks a night by opening for a ‘Chicago’ or ‘Boston’ cover band.

Change of venues, which is for the best because ZANIES is fucking wacked out of its mind. Check out SI GREENE’s new stage, as they’re recently dedicated to becoming the hottest music venue on the east side! Forget the over priced X-FEST with trendy corporate rock, come out to support local music and have some fun for a good cause!

To make up for my last, rather angry, blog posting (which has been DELETED since it was perhaps a little too angry, and because a 24 year old man was found dead in the parking lot of this particular east side establishment today), check this shizzle out! Went to LIZARDS on Friday, and saw LUNCH AMONG CANNIBALS (pretty good even though it was mostly covers) WILL WOODROW PROJECT (which is always awesome and seems to have gotten increasingly better out of the 4 times I’ve seen them in the past month), and a fuckin’ killer band I’ve never had a chance to see before by the name of CASUAL INTERRUPTION.

It’s WOODROW’s guitar player’s (Matt) other band. Very smooth and melodic. If you get a chance, check these dudes out because they were pretty great (even if it was mostly covers).

Due to excessive coding types of goofiness that would be incredibly long and tedious to accommodate for, the best way to view what I wanted to say HERE at INDY MOJO, is to check my latest Myspace blog posting. It will be worth your while and help support local arts and entertainment at the same time. Go ahead, I’ll wait…….


Are you back?! If you didn’t visit the link and wanna cut right to the chase (people are so impatient these days), you can always just give this a listen…. ;)

C.R.I.T. #0

Recorded live at Birdys on 7/18, featuring music by VILAFISHBURN, CONSCIOUS SLEEP PROJECT, SHADYSIDE ALLSTARS and more, including new interviews with DJ KOOLAID and CIVILIAN.

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