Hum.V is an amazing artist. Anyone can relate to his music, it amazing. Everytime I am feeling down, depressed, or need motovation to help get me though something all I need to do is turn on his music. It always makes me smile. Last Friday I attended his show at the Vogue. He and the cleptoz were amazing! AS ALWAYS~ I urge any and all of you to check him out sometime! His video is on my page. Or check out!

So, Friday night I finally rented the bucket list! Loved it and ended up buying it. Saturday I went downtown to do the Run with Ronald 5k run. It was nothing but it was fun and great to run alone the canal with my mom. After, we decided to rent a paddle boat and go up and down the canal it was amazing!! I finally did it, wanted to do it for so long. Then it was on to circle center, how could you go downtown and not go shopping? It was great~ Saturday I went to a Dog Day Afternoon in downtown Carmel. I got to see the cutest dogs! They had fashion shows and tons of things for your dog to do. I have pictures of all my events in my Fun in Nap album on my page by the way!

So, this weekend Swell and I attended Nick Swardson at the Murat. It was halourise! I posted some audio in the forums a couple days ago and it is also posted on this blog. He started talking about broadripple it was halourise. He was very cool because it was mostly funny stories about his. He was very unique and I loved it. After the show I met up and hung out with some friends at the local bar across the street from my house! <3 it, can totally walk there even though it’s a halourise hick bar. So, sunday I got to see my best friend who I havn’t see in about a month or so. She has just recently gone blonde to, very hot!.. Anywaise we just went to one of her friends house to drink. Then we started playing a Scrubs drinking game! LOVED IT! if you know me you know how much i love scrub! Plus drinkin, totally my thing haha. Anywaise sunday was my totally chill day because I had to be at work today at 4:30am. But, i had tons of fun at work today. I had the 2 hours of training required each week and the girl today was totally awesome. It was a pretty easy in-service = not alot of laps and alot of fun! I’m excited for next weekend though because I’m going to Kings Island friday and doing this little 5k walk on the cannal for Ronald McDonald foundation then I get to spend the rest of the day downtown and I get paid friday!!! YAY FOR SHOPPING!! but, you’ll ready all about that next weekend! Hope you all had a great weekend too!

So, I’ve been on a mission this summer to get healthy and have fun! I’ve started training for the triathlons in July and august and am hoping to do RAIN (the ride across Indiana). I’ve also quit smoking; this will probably last though until I start drinking. But, I’m going to try really hard. Other then that I’m as most of you know life guarding this summer… so I’m trying to get back into swimming a lot, I love being in the water! Just trying to have a healthy and happy summer, as well as lookin’ HOT! haha… well, see you all out and about this summer! Can’t wait to drink my pina colada’s by the pool and get tan!! Let me know about any walks, runs, or biking events around Indy and I’ll so be there!

So, i’m totally in to one republic! No matter how many time I hear appoligize I still love it and i just watched their new music video “Stop and Stare” and I absolutly <3love<3 it! You guys gotta check it out it’s on my page. I can just really relate to this song!

On Friday I started my tranning to test if I could become a lifeguard or not at the monon center (I was there EVERYDAY last summer, i love it) As we started I though oh hey, it’ll be easy. Turns out theres alot more to it than you would think. After three days of studying, lectures, cpr tranning, rescues, and water test we took a written test. I was very nervous, because I never pass test lol! Anywaise, turns out I passed and got the job. I am very excited to be working at the monon center and lifeguarding this summer! I hope everyone will come check it out and come say hey! See ya this summer @ the pool!

Over these past couple months I have learned alot… About both life and people. People are not always who they seem to be! NO MATTER HOW LONG YOU KNOW THEM. It is not good to be a totally passive person. Last summer I took all my best girl friends to just about EVERY concert there was… because I am the biggest concert fan ever! So, even though some of my girl friends were not the biggest fans of the artist they’d always get SO excited to go. My dad would drive us to and from every concert becuase we needed a sober drive, how cool is that? He put up with 5 drunk, crazy girls every concert. After the concerts there was never any geniune thank you to my dad. After the concert season was over I noticed my best friends fading farther and farther away. Anywaise to break it down for you people are not always who they seem to be and these girls Deff. took me for stupid. I no longer talk to my friends, but I’ve learned that the best thing to do when I see them out is to give them a BIG SMILE and say hello. Be nice and genuine, becuase that’s something they deff. arn’t. And although it still hurts me that I am not friends with them, I will never sacrifice myself for ANYONE. I feel I’ve grown up alot. These past couple months i’ve spent getting myself organized, inshape, and back to the good person I know I am! I feel better about myself and the choices I have made. Not going out also makes me relize who good friends all. One of my girlfriends would call me everyday to hangout and when she knew I was taking a break from drinking, she stopped calling… No movies? No bowling? nothing if we couldn’t go out to the bars and get wasted. Well, over all I think my choice over the past couple months have made me wiser and a better person. Which doesn’t mean I’m still not going to go out and have a good time now! Oh, and I can’t wait to see all of you very soon!!! XoXo