I know…it’s been a long time since I’ve hit the MoJo. Well, that’s a Mom for ya. Once spring hits, kids wanna be out, and we just run, run, run. But, I don’t mind, really. My oldest is now 17 and she’s becoming such a young lady. It’s a joy to see what a beautiful young lady she is. My youngest is just beginning to discover herself…she’s now taking drum lessons, planning on her career as a professional chef and have as much fun as possible along the way. Sound like anyone?? lol

I’ve not really met many people on here in person, but I’d like to. I’m determined to get out more this year and meet people. It’s amazing that I’m so outgoing, and yet find myself when I have a free day alone. I’m not whining…well, not right now! LOL…but taking charge of a family is a fulltime job. And, don’t get me wrong, I love it! But, I’m also beginning to be less and less the main organizer, so my free time is more evident.

The “freedom” of being a stay home mom is sort of a trade off of that constant stream of people you come in contact with every day in the workplace. Hubby is much more of an introvert, but he even recognizes that his network of coworkers helps to get him “out” there. I really have to work at it. Most moms these days also work…which is fine. But, the ones who are at home have young kids, usually, and aren’t able to get away.

So, I just do my vitural “hanging out” with people online or whatever. I’ll get there, I’m sure. After all, football is right around the corner and I will have to get out and watch the games…group football watching is a MUST!!!

Well, I have wallowed in selfishness enough for today. It’s so unbecoming anyway…blogs shouldn’t be an whine fest!! LOL

Hugs to all…have a great weekend. Maybe I’ll see you at the track! GO DANICA…hey, we chicks stick!

Yep, it’s after the holidays, so there’s the wow, the world stopped spinning mode.


Am I glad it’s over? Sometimes. But I also enjoy the fact that we set aside time for family. Christmas does that to just about everyone. In fact, my in laws almost worship this holiday more than any other. Which is hard for us since we do Thanksgiving with them and not Christmas.

But, that’s another story for another day.

No, I’m really just enjoying being at home. It’s really too cold to do much…I am, after all, a beach bunny. I really should get back to my workout, but it’s kinda nice to just chill. I am cooking a lot. That’s sorta good and bad. LOL

It also has made me concentrate more on what the season is about. I realize not everyone celebrates the birth of Jesus. And, don’t worry, I’m not going to preach at you. But, I do, so I enjoy reading the story again…and contemplating the consequences of that. I am thankful He came and that He saves us from all the stupid stuff we do. I also enjoy seeing my children understand more about the Christ and the whole years of events that led up to this one pivitol time in history.

At any rate, the bottom line is, it’s good for us to have our moments of contemplation. I hope that it does make people who are on the fence stop and think about Jesus arrival some 2000 years ago. Just as much as I hope it brings families together that don’t do that on a regular basis.

But, before we head back out into the world…and another new year when we drink ourselve to oblivion….stop. Sit back, close your eyes, and relax. Contemplate. Embrace your life. Maybe, even, thank the Baby who came for giving it to you.

I know, I know…I always gripe about the snow…and I still hate it. But, we did good for the first snowfall of the season. Usually it’s some piddly stuff that doesn’t stick. This morning was beautiful. White blanket covering the ground; white trees with tiny icicles hanging off the branches.

But I guarantee, I’ll be over it by tomorrow. LOL

What I really don’t like is the cold. See, if we could somehow manage snow without the cold temps, I’d be happy camper. I know…all the skiers are, like, ooo, what fun. But, I just can’t get into a sport where you have to wear 3 layers of clothes!

But, it’s here. Gives way to wonderful pots of soup, old movies, and hot chocolate. I love to snuggle down with the kids…or my hunny….and watch some great movies. We are also big on Legos here…oh dear, it gets serious when the Lego box comes out. Of course, with three of us chickies in the house, we can get real domestic and start cooking….ya know the serious stuff like fudge, cookies, bread….mmmm.

Ok, so it’s not my paradise, but I can make the snow thing work. Here; let me get my slippers on….time to cuddle!

Yes, it’s true. I’ve not only whined about the Mom factor..now, I’m old too!

Actually, my recent launch into another decade gave me an excuse to look over my life. It’s actually quite amazing the things I’ve seen and done. I mean, my mother was probably one of the last people I know who owned a reel to reel. Yeah. But, we quickly moved through 8 tracks, though….and LPs, 45s, cassettes and now discs and iPods. My kids don’t know what it’s like to miss a movie at the theatre and then be mad at your parents because you ever get to see it again! (Remember when Stars Wars was gone??!!!)

But, even on a personal level I smile at the urgencies I had at the tender age of 18. I remember thinking that I’d never even get a prom date, let alone get married. I remember sitting in a college dorm room thinking I would never get through another freakin class!! This baby that I through sure would bring me complete bliss was determined to never potty train.

Note: Not only can she potty by herself, she’s a damn good pianist with a lovely personality. Did I mention the braggin part…LOL.

Even some of the sad things remind me that time slows for no man. During the holidays we do a lot of travel between families. Hubby and I have both lost grandparents in the last couple of years. Our parents are not quite as spry as they used to be. Our baby siblings are now married (some of them a couple of times..) with kids of their own.

I remember a lady who turned 100 was interviewed about her life. I will never forget her response to living so long. She said, “I consider myself blessed to have experienced and see all the changes that can take place in 100 years. Not many people get to witness the things I have….it’s truly amazing.”

I feel that way at 40. I mean, I’m in better shape and feel younger at heart than I did at 20. But, I look at all the changes and think, “wow.” With today’s technologies, we go through more changes now than even a couple of decades ago.


I’m ready to party on…

I realized that I’m probably the most boring person on Mojo. lol The only hits I get are those who doing mass advertising. But, that’s ok. I’m married, two kids, stay at home mom…how boring can you get??!!

Oh, stop it! I’m not in a funk. It’s just funny. Instead of hooking up on the Mom’s sites where they talk about breast milk and lazy butt husbands, I’m doing the hip Mojo blog. LOL Does that say something??

It tells me that Moms my age worry way too much. They wrap themselves in their kids so much that they lose their own personality and sense of fun by the time the kids leave the nest. So what are they left with? Nothing but time to interfere with their kids lives and spouses and kids.

May I never be!

Seriously, I resolved to not get lost in the life of another…even if it is the fruit of my womb. I mean, they are leaving me, right?? Traitors! lol When hubster and I got married, we planned. We planned to have a life beyond our children. And now that my kids are 16 and 11, I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel. They don’t need me every waking moment to wipe their butts! (thank goodness!) So, yes, unlike many people our age, instead of running all over town dropping kids here and there, we do like to spend time out and about for ourselves.

Read, party! LOL

Don’t get me wrong. My family is still #1. I love them and I want the best for them. But, hubby and I are part of that, too, and we need to keep in touch with who we are in the process. Sometimes it’s time to tell the kids….”hey, it’s mom and dad’s night out!” It also allows us to give them the moments of truth, I call them. Time to build the trust; time to gain some experience at being independant; practice at responsibility. And, ya know what. For the most part, they do a damn fine job. Instead of fretting over what they are gonna do, I give them a chance here and there to make good choices and make me proud.

And, wonder of wonders, when you put the bar that high, they manage to reach it.

So, any other party Moms out there?? lol If you are thinking you are too old or too “mom-ish” for a hip community…then you probably really need to get out more!

Yes, it was a party all weekend because I am now, officially, over the hill. LOL Seriously, 40 never felt so good! I guess it’d be a bummer if it wasn’t for the fact I do look better now that I did at 25! I also get carded more!

Anyway, I’m taking the birthday holiday today and doing absolutely nothing. The family had a big party on Saturday. No, no drunken brawls. Actually, I love it…I am glad to be alive, glad to be older, wiser, and even more mischievious! lol

Have a great week, all.

And, yes, you can call me “Mom”!

As if I needed another blog??!!! But, it’s kinda cool to see people who are near and dear…rather than MySpace which includes..well, space! Maybe I’ll find a few friends and can begin somewhat of a social life! LOL

I’m pumped about the football season. Even though I enjoy Nascar, I’m always anxious for the NFL to gear up. Btw, did I mention that hubby is going to the opening game this Thursday…and I’M NOT!! I know, it’s almost a deal breaker.

But, seriously, I’m glad since he’s going with some guys from work. Because we both know if the tables were turned, I’d go without you, right?? LOL

Well, anyway…everyone have a good week and enjoy the game!