Sooooo today is Labor Day… the day of rest. In honor of this restful day, my roommate Stephanie and I decided to put out a little productivity around the house. What did we do?? Attempted to take on the challenge of yard work. That’s right, we actually tried to make our yard look a little less shitty. Now, what you need to know is that neither Stephanie or I has ever in our lives mowed, raked, or weeded anything. Stephanie plays a little with some hanging flowers, but that is about the extent of the green thumb. Thankfully, growing up, we were both privy to never partaking in these frivolous chores because we had other able and willing siblings. We were, rightfully so, the princesses of the family.

Today, we attempted to turn alllllll of that around. Stephanie got out the mower, and I tried my hand with the rake. She mowed a little and then the mower stopped. wtf? why did it stop. oh, shit. it needs emptied. Between the two of us, we took about 10 solid minutes trying to empty the mower bag. This had to be the best Labor Day entertainment for our neighbors…we had ABSOLUTELY no idea what we were doing! After I raked 4 heaping piles of leaves, we discovered that our mower picks up the leaves for us…awesome. That was effort wasted.

We moved from the back to the front almost completing our task when, what happens? The mower goes out aaaaaaagain. Sooooo, again, between our two college educated brains, we empty out the mower bag and Steph finished up the job. A job well done I might add. Note to self: spray heavily with bugspray prior to any yard work. I was a bug buffet today and now have about 15 itching welts to deal with!

Side Note: Stephanie looked waaaaaaaaaaay hotter in person during her mowing duty.

It’s pretty much a Kimberly Chase theme to only blog once a month (what? I’m a busy person!)… sooooo here it goes for the month of August:

This weekend effing RAWKED! Friday night, I had the pleasure of experiencing my first Indians baseball game. Jason and I went, sat in the lawn and even made it for opening pitch!

A hotdog is essentially the only thing I’ve been talking about for the past week, so immediately upon arrival, I snagged myself a h’dog.
yuuuuuuuum!!! :) 2 beers, 2 hotdog and 20 dollars later, Jason and I were ready to pick out our seats in the lawn. As the weatherman predicted, halfway into the game it started to pour! Reeeeal smart choosing to wear a white dress, eh? :) Don’t worry, we stuck it out! Jason brought a blanket for me to wrap my wet-self in, and the rain stopped. We finished watching the game and had almost the entire lawn to ourselves because pretty much everyone weenied out and left early (except for a few 10 year olds who were trying to steal all of the fly balls…bastards) After the game ended we stayed for the “surprise” fireworks show. haha. it was GREAT! Clicky click here to check out all of my hot pics!

Saturday was the big PARTAAAAY!! If you didn’t get invited that’s unfortunate, because it was a damn good time. Many of you know, My roommate (and fellow mojo-er) Stephanie, and I just moved to broadripple (58th and Evanston baby!)
In order to break-in our new pad, we felt it was necessary to have a shindig! Everyone came to celebrate the white hot summer by blacking out with us. The black/white party was a success. i miiiiight have done my first kegstand. How exactly did I manage to be the only sorority girl at Purdue who’s never done a kegstand? I’m not quite sure. That picture will soon be posted :) Once the keg was floated, all participants took their black and white asses to broadripple for some more fun and drinks!
I’m successfully worn out from this amazing weekend! Thankyou to everyone who came… Clicky click here to check out the evidence.

This past weekend, Ryan and I ventured to the Montage, literally 100 feet away from my apartment complex, and went to my friend Mercedeh’s wedding. Mercedeh (Mercy) is one of my close friends who I grew up with in Cheesetown (Chesterton…go Trojans!) She met Josh at IU and they are a GREAT match! It was an awesome wedding because probably half of the guests are good friends of mine and they are ALL effing crazy!!

The wedding itself was outdoors with flawless weather. After the traditional “American” ceremony, there was a Persian ceremony, because Mercedeh and her family are Persian. The Persian ceremony was SO awesome! Very different from an American wedding, which is probably why I loved it. Check out my pics… i captured some sweet Persians in action.

After the ceremony, we had some killer hors d’oeuvres, drinks, and such. The food was great… a little different, but good. When the dancing extravaganza began, everyone got even crazier. It was great to shake my booty with all of my best friends!! Since the wedding was Persian, about every other song was Persian techno music… innnnnteresting to say the least :)

Before the cake was cut, it is Persian tradition to do a knife dance. Now, I really have NO idea why or what this knife dance is BUT I can tell you that it rocked. The bridesmaids take the knife (in this case, the sword) and seductively dance for the groom individually… he pays them off and then seduces the bride and theeeen they go cut the cake. it was odd, but I loved it.

We drank a lot, and took waaaaay too many pictures. Now I want a Persian wedding….

okay okay, I know I vowed to become a consistent blogger and really haven’t held up my end of the bargain, BUT, I’m jumping back on the wagon…

Last night, Ryan and I went to see the movie Mr. Brooks. I had heard a few good reviews, so why not? aaaanyways, the movie was AWESOME! it was suspensful and had a few twists (which I like) to throw you off a bit. The cast consisted of Kevin Costner, Demi Moore and Dane cook, to name a few. Kevin Costner plays a serial killer who gets photographed in action by Dane Cook and the murders are being investigated by Demi Moore.

For going to an 11 p.m. movie reeeeally tired, this DEFINITELY kept me awake and on the edge of my seat!!

this movie is a must :) Kim Chase gives it 2 thumbs up!

ooook, so, I’m not much of a blogger…never really have been (hey, we can’t all be like Ryan Hupfer) BUT I thought, new website new hobby! blogging. yay!

This weekend started off with a bang-literally. Let me explain… Friday I was running some errands with a friend on the south side. We were at the intersection of 31 and Emerson drivin along…doodoodoo… when we see a man get out of his ghetto van and walk up to the truck behind him. Being the nosy people that we are, we decide to gaulk. Excellent decision on our part. It was Jerry Springer mid-intersection! The dude that got out of his van punched the guy in the truck, repeatedly. The guy in the truck proceeds to quickly get out of his truck, run to the back, fly through the hatchback to grab something. I’m thinking, holy crap! what’s he going to pull out?! yeah, it’s a lead pipe. as the other dude is getting back into his truck, the little lead piped guy comes running up the road and starts beating the van guy with it! scandal. The van guy started to drive away… we didn’t stick around for the cops. dahang! I wanna know, what possesses people to become so violent and have such strong physical road rage? are we done giving the finger? shouting our a few curse words to get through our anger? has EVERYONE turned to lead pipe beatings?? I wanna know if anyone out there has physically gotten into a fight with someone over a little tailgating… please do tell :)

After that little fiasco, we headed to St Elmo’s for a quick dinner, and then to get makeovers at Nordy’s! that was fun. and what perfect timing, we were able to go out right after with our newly polished faces :) to where else? the tavern… and then mineshaft. Saturday we went lounging at the pooooool all day to catch some rays. Then to a cookout and the Rathskellar for some amazing beer and fun. I must admit, I was a first timer. it was SO fun! love the music, and the atmosphere, and the beer…duh. Sunday was filled with brunch at Hoaglin’s and some more rays. Sadly, I am finishing off my weekend at work (my current location) Back to the real world…