Trust If you’ve found yourself to be one of those people to have trust issues, well…. Join the club. At one point in our lives, we’ve had our trust taken from us in one way or another — whether it’s been from a boyfriend, girlfriend, or even a family member. As human beings, we find [...]

Drake –Staying True to Himself A true artist has emerged. His name is Drake. He stays true not only to himself and his material, but to the game. He stays true to his crew, but is also very different from them. Yeah, he’s fairly new and will still be changing as an artist, but from mixtape to [...]

P-IC I know I took a long break from writing. You know how life gets though. Work, work, spend too much time on the boyfriend, but I’ve got a damn good reason to be back at it. P-IC!! Some people reading this already know who they are, others are about to be aware. According to [...]

What Inspires You? If you’re on the path to happiness, there are a few things you  have to keep in mind. You can’t be the only one giving yourself motivation or inspiration all the time. Sometimes you have to look elsewhere.  May that be online, friends, books, etc. There are entities out there that will keep [...]

Hym Kwame Johnson aka AndImHym or just Hym is a local Nap Town artist who has been making a real music buzz around his community. He won’t be local long– get to know him now so that you know him later. This guy eats, breathes, and sleeps his music. He has put his whole life [...]

Some of the posts I already have up have to be edited because my perspective has changed on some of my posts and some of the artists I’ve written about. Stay tuned! Should be done today.

You know I like to integrate my two subject matters on this site. So this post isn’t about hip hop. It’s about respect. So many people these days (I’m not going to point fingers, yet) are looking for respect, but not giving it. In my experience, that sh** doesn’t fly. You cannot approach me seeking [...]

Drake came into the game doing his own thing. He didn’t have a record deal and was still making better music than artists who were already signed. Before he was ever signed, he received Grammy nominations. That tells you all you need to know. Supposedly some people think he was already signed to Young Money/Universal. [...]

Watch The Throne Watch The Throne may have a lot of religious references and political references, it may be boastful, but it’s definitely worth the listen and the praise because the collaboration is something you can’t just overlook. These guys didn’t even like each other that long ago, but they squashed the beef and brought [...]

In Order to Be Successful… What I’ve learned from this little life so far is that in order to be truly successful, you have to be willing to do something you haven’t done before. That’s the same with making yourself happy — you have to be willing to go the extra mile, because happiness doesn’t [...]