Come to Lulu on This Friday!

Someone could have told me that 7 lounge was closed until april. I was going to take some people there and no one answered the phone. We went ot the Vogue instead. It was fun. Some FYI next time. A memo or something.

I SAW at Fringe “Opened 24 hours”, “Phil the Void” ( Loved it !), and “Married to Magic”.

I need to Learn APA format like now. This format is so hard that i want to pull by weave and my real hair out. I am excited about about my master classes but not the work or APA.

and GO UIndy too!

So I took the purity test and I got 20%. I am happy for that but Gee only 20%. mmm I need to work on that.

Oh and Indy Fringe ROCKED!

Well today I am going downtown to see how high they are going to make our income taxes. What is up with all of the hikes. I moved to Indy because it is not LA.