The only thing that we do as far as KP (Kitchen Patrol) is handing out drinks and silverwear for PVTS. Other than that, like right now we also have 24 hour staff duty jobs assigned, and firegaurd shifts everynight on top of that. The general sleep hours available is around 3-4 a night. That is required by AR, but it doesnt state anything about continuous… that is why yes we get woke up in the middle of the night, and enjoy an hour of rigorous PT. But things are still going as expected and I should be returning to duty in just a few shorts weeks, and returning home in mid May sometime. All are welcome to come to my graduation. LOL We can party in ATL before we all head back… or whatever might happen…… So as I sit here at 0123.45 in the morning, no joke real time; I see there are 155 people online, and mostly none that I know. LOL It kinda makes me sad. :( J/K Anyways if there are any questions on particular things I would be more than happy to answer them. Other than this, I will continue to write random happenings. Lataz, JMills

11 mar 08
This is the first day of Basic Training. This particular moment was creatively entitled the shark attack…

I am the one coughing bullshit in the background…LOL… immediately afterwards I got smoked. ‘Smoked’ being the term for the push up phase of basic training. LOL I had never been so sore in my life after those push ups. If you would like to see pics more, you can go to click on Bravo Company and I am quite certain that you shall all get a laugh out of these things. LOL